CLICK and GROW Garden Review

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Does Click and Grow Work? We investigate with our Click and Grow Garden Review, exploring its efficacy as a complete system for indoor gardening


Currently, over 56.2% of this planet’s population resides in cities and has minimal facility for outdoor space. House Plant Joy came up with the Click and Grow garden review to introduce indoor gardens to the global community. With this technology indoor gardeners find it possible to grow fresh, and vitamin-rich food indoors. Yes, even in the most remote, and all urban areas through Click and Grow indoor gardens. In fact, most plants grow faster using this system than traditional gardens, too. You will become a green thumb instantly. For more information, you can check out reviews.


In the recent situation of COVID-19, thousands of people turned to indoor gardening as a new hobby. And many began asking, does the click and grow to work? Indeed, the Click & Grow garden products are getting the world’s attention. This high-tech plant-growing device grows fresh herbs, fruits, and leafy greens all year round and hyper-locally. This system uses up-to-date technology that allows controlling the most important parameters affecting plant growth.


In this article, we disclose the main functions of their unique technology in this Click and Grow garden review. We believe you will also say “YES” to the common question of does the click and grow to work?


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Smart Soil


Their scientists have patented the Smart Soil of nanomaterial that helps to stimulate root growth with extra oxygen and plants absorb nutrients faster. It makes sure plants have perfect pH levels and get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients. The plants do not have to search for the required nutrients in the soil because it directly sent to the root system. In the click and grow indoor gardens water is passively drawn from the tank using capillary action and as a result, indoor farms are silent, low maintenance, and can be set up anywhere. They provide a natural light cycle of 16 hours on and 8 hours off.


Click and Grow indoor gardens has 5 products in total, The Smart Garden 3, The Smart Garden 9, The Smart Garden 9 Pro, The Smart Garden 27, and The Smart Garden 51. Numbers show their capacity to grow plant pods. All the products provide the easiest solution for anyone who wants to grow fresh, pesticide-free fruits, greens, herbs, and flowers at home.


Click and Grow Options


The Smart Garden 3



In the Click and Grow garden review, the Smart Garden 3 is the first and perfect product for entry-level indoor gardening kits and smaller living spaces with limited room. It fits easily on a windowsill, kitchen counter, office desk, bedroom table, or any other compact space in your home. It grows 3 fresh plants at a time. It’s also a healthy hobby for people who have introverted personalities and live alone as well as youngsters fascinated with gardening or growing food.


The Smart Garden 9



The Smart Garden 9 is a very fertile indoor garden that makes your surroundings look appealing and peaceful. No matter where you live, you can grow your favorite 100% organic food, including salads, herbs, fruits, or roses that would absolutely free from genetically modified organisms and pesticides. It would be also fresher and health-friendly than any other own food that you get from the market.

The Smart Garden 9 Pro


This’s the same as the smart garden 9 but it features Bluetooth wireless technology, which allows remote control of the light via the Click & Grow app.


Touch control


Use touch to snooze the light or turn them on again.


In-app On/Off feature


Turn lights on or off based on your preference via the app.


Set the perfect light cycle


Full control of the light cycle of the lights.

The Smart Garden 27


Smart Garden 27Indoor GardenIndoor Garden
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The Smart Garden 27 is 3 x the Smart Garden 9 with an additional wood plant Stand that holds all the gardens vertically. It provides the opportunity of eating fresh, organic food all year round. The garden does all the work by providing plants with light, water, and nutrients in just the right amount to make them thrive.


The system works like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. Instead of different flavors, they offer a variety of plant pods with own seeds and nutrients inside.

The Smart Garden 51 or The Wall Farm


Wall FarmIndoor Vertical GardenIndoor Garden
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In the Click and Grow garden review, the last product is the wall farm that can effortlessly be incorporated into any place you spend your time such as office, home, school, restaurant, grocery store, etc. The smart garden 51 has a huge capacity to attract your audience or customers. It was designed to keep energy consumption low while optimizing plant growth and nutrient levels in the food. Additionally, you just need to install the farm by inserting the plant pod, filling the water tank, and plugging it in. Then, forget about it for the whole month because its best features, smart soil, and semi-automatic watering system circulate water from the tank automatically and provide enough light, nutrients, and oxygen. You just need to watch and enjoy your growing food. When you’ll experience it, you would say a big YES to the people who asked, does the click and grow work?


click and grow garden review
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In Click and Grow Garden Review, It’s vital to share Specifications of all the Products



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Shipping Times


Click and Grow deliver most orders within 5 to 7 business days, but they ask you to permit them for a little longer delivery time due to COVID-19 because it’s affecting the logistics industry.


Shipping fees for all the products included in the click and grow garden review are considered based on the shopping package value at checkout.



click and grow garden review | does click and grow work
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Note: The Wall Farm will be shipped in 3 packages: one containing the plywood shelf parts, one containing the hardware details (lights, water tanks, etc.), and the third will contain all the plants.

How to Get Started After Getting Click and Grow Garden


1. Insert the Plant Pods


Yes, the pods provide an eco-friendly approach. In fact, all Click and Grow plant pods are biodegradable and contain no harmful chemicals.


2. Add Water


The Smart Garden has a 1.2 l/40 ounce water tank, which holds enough water for up to 3 weeks.


3. Plug It in and Enjoy


Energy-efficient full spectrum LED lighting provides a versatile growing environment suitable for many different plant types.

Complimentary Choice:

Discover the joy of gardening at home with our indoor herb garden kits and herb garden starter kits. Grow fresh, flavorful herbs right on your windowsill or countertop.

1 Plant Kit from six and each kit has 54 plant pods to fill and grow your wall farm shelves


  • SALAD KIT: 18 romaine lettuce, 9 Red Kale, 18 green lettuce, and 9 Leaf Mustard plant pods.
  • DARK GREENS KIT: 9 red kale, 9 bloody sorrels, 9 x romaine lettuce, 9 pak choi, 9 leaf mustard, and 9 arugulas plant pods.
  • FLOWER KIT: 18 petunias, 18 busy Lizzie, and 18 moss rose plant pods.
  • HERB & SALAD KIT: 9 romaine lettuce, 9 basil, 9 green lettuce, 9 curly parsley, 9 arugula, and 9 chives plant pods.
  • HERB KIT: 9 rosemary, 9 cilantro, 9 thyme, 9 chives, 9 basil, and 9 curly parsley plant pods.
  • VARIETY KIT: 9 chili pepper, 9 curly parsley, 9 mini tomatoes, 9 green lettuce, 9 basil, and 9 arugula plant pods.


Does the Click and Grow work under any temperature?


The truth is,  all the products are best used in temperatures between 20⁰ C to 24⁰ C (68⁰ F to 75⁰ F). The recommended average room temperature suitable for all Click & Grow plants is 22°C (72°F). However, plants grow best in this range with other gardening types, too.

To ensure that your grow smart garden work is successful, it’s important to choose the right plants, provide proper lighting and nutrients, and monitor their growth regularly.

Purchase Options


Click & Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden
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Aerogarden vs Click and Grow. Which do I pick?

If you’re looking to start your indoor garden, you might be wondering which of the smart gardens best fits you. Two popular options on the market are the Aerogarden and Click and Grow. While both offer similar features such as seed pods and automatic watering systems, there are some key differences to consider. In my experience, the Click and Grow has a sleeker design and is easier to set up, but the Aerogarden has more variety plant options. Yet, when it comes down to it, both systems are great choices for those who want to grow fresh herbs or vegetables indoors without all the hassle of traditional gardening methods. Overall, I recommend checking out both Click and Grow reviews and Aerogarden reviews before deciding which indoor smart garden to invest in.

What can you say about the Grow Smart Garden?

This high-tech indoor garden is less famous than its competitors. Yet it holds its thanks to many innovative features. The Grow Smart Garden, for instance, features a dimmable LED light. This feature is ideal for each plant in the garden. Also, this setup allows you to choose from a wide range of seed pods. It means you can grow everything, from herbs to flowers to veggies. So the Grow Smart Garden is worth exploring if you want a versatile indoor gardening option.

Great gift idea!

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