Click And Grow Smart Gardens

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Click And Grow Smart Gardens


A hobby like gardening can be delightful, but it’s challenging to ace if you don’t have the time or stamina for it. But, thanks to current technology, indoor gardening has become much easier. It even becomes more friendly, especially if you have many errands. Thanks to Click and Grow Smart Gardens, hustling makes it easier for busy people.

Click and Grow Smart Gardens is a great choice. You will need 15 minutes to assemble it. You can have your garden with its seed pod foundation, LED lighting strip, water tank, and three-part growing system. Perfect for city renters who don’t have a lawn.

This article will discuss Click & Grow smart garden 27 features. Along with its Click and Grow Wall frame. And discover amazing facts and ideas about other Click and Grow Smart Gardens types.



What is Click and Grow Smart Garden?

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Click and Grow Smart Garden is a gardening device. That lets you begin a garden from scratch inside your house. Also, people who don’t have enough space in their surroundings and are too busy with their daily activities can enjoy this. Furthermore, this smart garden by Click and Grow was to assist people in cultivating edible plants indoors.

This smartgarden is good for people who don’t have a lawn. It is friendlier and easier to use. Some advantages are its ability to allow gardeners to thrive for a year (365 days).  And make taking care of plants easier.

Moreover, each base of the smart gardening unit has a water tank that carries water, and it usually lasts for about a month. When the water is consumed, the flickering feature will activate, which is the time to refill it. This smartgarden is also convenient if you want to plant fresh herbs.


What Grows Well in Click and Grow?


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Smart indoor gardens are with tech and sensors. It will make gardening easier, especially for people with less space and time. Through its water tank, off/on lighting, and adjustable heights of lights, you can grow healthy plants or herbs at home without giving much effort. You need to put the seed in your smart garden, which will do the rest. So easy and convenient. 

In line with this, all you have to do is to fulfill the device’s needs in time through your phone. Check its real conditions to support the development of your indoor plants. And you will achieve the indoor garden you’ve been dreaming of. 

The following are some plants that best grow in this smart garden.

  • Herbs (thyme, basil, cilantro, green lettuce)
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables (mini tomatoes and chili peppers)
  • Flowers


How Long Does It Take To Click And Grow Plants To Grow?

The speed of germination of plants depends on their needs. And we all know that not all plants have the same pace with growth. But, plants that grow with the clickandgrow to sprout in 2 weeks. Usually, plants like chili pepper, mini tomato, and rosemary germinate for about three weeks. Plus, if you want to speed up the sprouting process, it is good to raise your room temperature to about 26°C or 79°F.

Besides, compared to the plants mentioned earlier. Herbs manage to germinate faster than them.  Particularly if your room temperature ranges up to 30 C. Some plants are sensitive to too much warmth. For example, green lettuce. This plant needs a temperature not exceeding 24 C.

Remember that your indoor temperature also affects the development of your plant. And has a crucial role to play. Usually, the recommended temperature for the plants is around 18 °C to 24 °C or 64°F to 75°F. This room temperature is good and average to grow all your plants. 

2 Types of Click and Grow Smart Garden

Indoor click & grow smart gardens are available in four different models. But, we will only focus on the two best units of click and grow.  These click and grow units contain similar features. Such as the LED light, water tank, and adjustable LED light height. Besides this, they will only differ in the capacity you want for your indoor garden. They offer a variety of sizes to meet your quantity requirements.


1. Click and Grow Smart Garden 27

Click & Grow smart garden 27
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The new Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 is a large-scale indoor garden. Usually suited for those who need many greens and herbs. Furthermore, you can thrive on more plants at once with the smartgarden package. At the same time, retaining the exact familiar comfort of use.

This Smart Garden 27 is the Click and Grow, the latest product upgraded. With three installations of Grow Smart Garden 9 that can thrive up to 27 plants. It also contains a Click and Grows Plant Stand beside the three Click and Grow Smart Garden 9. The smart garden aims to conserve space. At the same time, enabling you to thrive up to 27 various plants.


Click and grow smart garden 27 features

The smartgarden 27, patented nano-material soil, provides plants with the necessary nutrients, oxygen, and water. Among the device’s features are a lamp mounted on the base and different LED lights.  They are usually to increase the rate of germination and growth. The lamp height is also adjustable, making it taller as the plants thrive. The entire setup is place on a water tank that provides the soil with the amount of water it needs to grow.

All owners must plug the product in and fill the tank once every four weeks. The device’s lights are turned off every eight hours daily and switched back on for the remaining 16 hours. The Click and Grow Smart Garden 27 includes three Smart Garden 9. Hence, it anticipates that it will have related features, which include:

    1. Click and grow light

      click and grow light
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      This built-in function helps in giving enough light to the plant so it can mature. It’s worth observing that this gleaming light stays on for about 16 hours and switches off for 8 hours. Furthermore, it suggests that the light can switch on in the daylight. To prevent light interference in the evening. Plus, with its energy-efficient LED lighting system, you can save on electricity bills. And grow healthy houseplants. Besides the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9, clickandgrow only spends 13W of electricity. 


    2.   Watering

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      The entire plant requires water to develop. Plant watering is a time-consuming process requiring diligence and much free time.  The Click and Grow Smart Garden keep you from watering your weed crops separately. This smartgarden can automatically water your plants without your help. Each grow cup has its built-in wick that brings out water from its reservoir.  The tank is 4L or 1/135 oz and can carry enough water and last for about one month. Moreover, it has a water level track for checking the tank’s water level.


    3.   Smart soil

      smart soil for click and grow
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      Plants need soil or another medium to flourish. And the click & grow smart garden gives them everything they expect. The self-help yard contains smart soil, delivering a suitable environment for developing weed plants. 

      This smart soil of click and grow is composed of patented nano-material.  That gives plants vital oxygen,  water, and nutrients and helps them develop. Smart soil also releases nutrients in the soil in time with the stages of cannabis development.  It no longer needs you to use any help of fertilizer to boost its germination.

      The smart soil has its own oxygen pockets when it’s moist. The plants get enough nutrients and breathing area. The soil still retains pH equilibrium.


    4. PH Regulator

      PH level is significant to plant development. This impacts the number of soluble nutrients in the soil.   In the click and grow a smart garden, this function helps the greatest pH conditions, about 5.5 to 7.0. It allows the plant to thrive to its greatest potential.


    5.  Biodome
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      A biodome is a representation of our ecosystem built by humans. Likewise includes a human-made environment. And even life forms such as animals, plants, and fungi. It usually contributes to the formation of a greenhouse effect. It helps in the plant’s growth.


    6. Click and grow plant stand

      click and grow stand
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To the Smart Garden 9’s functionality, the click and grow smart garden 27 comprises a plant stand.  It helps you establish the three Smart Garden 9. While still saving area and growing 27 plants, supporting your plant thriving. This plant stand estimates 47 x 26 x 10.3 inches and is easy to assemble, saving time in building it.

This stand is high-quality wood, with a timber frame and birch plywood racks. You can also use it as a stand-alone frame or a wall-mounted frame.  It’s simple to assemble, with all the crucial manuals and supplies.



Benefits of click and grow smart garden 27

The smart garden 27 is an upgraded indoor garden powered by technology. It can take care of itself and cultivates fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs inside your home. After setting it up, you must wait for the plants to sprout and thrive to their beautiful image. It is beneficial for people who are a beginner. Even workaholics don’t have enough space to start their garden.

Some of the benefits that it provides are the following.

  • Highest yield

With the help of its latest innovation, you can now thrive in at least 27 different plants. May it be at home and harvest many fruits and vegetables. Especially if the herbs help your dish be more flavourful. It can also lessen your grocery expenses.

  • Good value set

Buying this device is a good choice. Especially if you want to grow fresh herbs in your kitchen. The device comes with smart soil, energy-saving and adjustable LED lights, and a water tank that helps you thrive plants at your home. Aside from this, it also has some free seeds in its 27 spaces. Besides buying this, a good package is a great deal. It will save you some bucks compared to only purchasing one device with limited space.

  • Easy setup and operation

Having this device is easy to operate and set up. You will not need further instructions to assemble it as it is easy to understand. Furthermore, with the app’s help, you can control and adjust the lights’ standby time. Aside from this, it also has some touch control options. It lets you switch it off and let it rest, and afterward, switch it on again.  


The difficulty of  click and grow smart garden 27


  • Not advised if you don’t have enough floor space
  • Refilling seed pods are costly
  • Most plant heights are not compatible
  • Limited satisfaction with actual gardening


2. Click and grow smart wall farm  


click and grow wall farm
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The click & grow wall farm is a high-tech plant-growing outlet. It generates fresh vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens all year long and handy. Any home, diner, kindergarten, and grocery store will also harvest fresh plants.

A Wall Farm device is a way larger, a standalone smart garden that can simultaneously thrive many houseplants. You can grow some mini tomatoes, chili peppers, basil, and lettuce in this Wall Farm Mini. It can also carry up to 34 to 51 plants, which is way higher than the Smart Garden 27.

This Wall Farm is likewise created to lessen power consumption. While maximizing plant development and nutrient content. It utilizes no poisons, fungicides, or toxic fertilizers. And it even grows plants shorter than traditional farming procedures. It guarantees that you can develop salad greens (and many other plants) in your household with three times the amount of beneficial compounds and vitamins.



What makes click and grow smart wall farm better?    

Keep in mind that this isn’t a hydroponic process. It thrives your food utilizing patented fertilizer. So, besides the wall farm, you’ll need to order seed-filled soil pods. Usually transported in recyclable cardboard containers to prevent trash. Also, each soil pod can produce many crops depending on what you’re cultivating and how you cut them.

In addition, what makes this better is that it can hold many plants and grow them simultaneously. You can also create a wonderful garden full of healthy plants in your home. At the same time, harvesting fresh fruits, herbs, or vegetables in your home is very nice. It likewise helps you save on your grocery expenses, eat healthy foods, and grow plants even if you are busy running your errands.



What specifications do click and grow smart wall farms have?

  • With a three-shelf wall panel
  • Six free plant starter kits, each with 51 plant pods
  • Three LED lights with a timer
  • Short start guide with pro gardening tips



The wall farm‘s advantages

 Wall farm’s advantages are the following:

  • Instant Growth

Click and Grow plants develop at a 30-50 percent faster rate and produce more than soil-grown plants under similar conditions. The most significant difference is that smart soil has more oxygen, which aids root formation. Plants with a lot of oxygen in their root systems quickly ingest nutrients. The root cell obtains nutrients quickly, removing the need for the plant to look for nutrients in the soil. As a result, you can start growing and harvesting your plants sooner. Eat healthful and delicious cuisine at home as well.

  • Improve the level of Antioxidant

Click & Grow is the only technology that utilizes water stress to boost bioactive compounds in plants. It reduces the moisture level in the root zone in a much-regulated way. Plants, like humans, respond extensively better to manage stress; for example, we could raise the antioxidant levels in basil and lettuce by threefold. In addition, elevating these antioxidants in plants helps our health avoid strokes, heart diseases, cancer, and many more. 

  •  Smaller water use

All around the world, water stocks are consumed. Agriculture now depletes more than 70% of all freshwater. Most of this water will be run off and will not be consumed by the plants. Water is utilized more efficiently in click & grow technology than in hydroponic systems. Since we cannot circulate moisture, much of it passes straight to the root system. Usually, this smartgarden only uses a small amount of water. It has a water tank that stocks water and can stay long for about a month, which helps the earth save water.


Maintenance with grow smart click and grow wall farm

  • Wall farm replacement of plant pod

Never vacate space on your farm! When you obtain a seed, automatically replace it with a new Plant Pod to get the worth of your smart garden. Similarly, you will not expend time or opportunity for the plants to develop, and you’ll still keep delicate flowers, herbs, salads, and fruits this way. If you don’t have any new plant pods, put the unoccupied cavity in the farm and shove it with new pods as shortly as you have them.

  • Wall farm cleaning

Regularly trim all faded leaves and flowers during the plant’s thriving period. After each crop, you can clear the plant cups by scraping old roots and plant pieces. The wick should be displaced when a plant cup has been in service for six months or more.

Also, rinse the water tank with warm water with detergent if you like. If you see limescale formation, you can easily remove it using a citric acid solution or mild food vinegar. 

Alternatively, replace it immediately once you discover that the wick’s ability to keep water has lessened. It suggests that the trays should rinse completely at least twice a year. Distinguishing plant-care procedures will lessen the quantity of upkeep essential for the Wall Farm.

  • Wall Farm Watering

When the lights of the smart garden start to blink, it is an indication that you have to put in some water. The flickering lamp means that the original tray over which it sits has an insufficient water capacity. In terms of this, you don’t have to water the plants anymore as the device will do it for you. Also, please complete the questionnaire simultaneously; all of the trays in the exact farm period; even though the light does operate, it is not yet glinting to the extent indicated by Click & Grow, a smartgarden.

  • Wall Farm Sprouting

Numerous plants thrive at varied rates, so some may flourish in a week, while other plants can take up to three weeks. However, Click and grow plants primarily thrive for two weeks. Likewise, plants like chili pepper, mini tomato, and rosemary germinate for nearly three weeks. If it sprouts for various weeks, please be cautious! Resume utilizing the domes before plants start to reach them.



Is click and smart grow garden worth it?

Yes, of course. With its amazing features and free plant pods, you can have your garden without needing a yard. You only need to plug it in to have your plants flourish. You don’t have to put enough effort as it will do the rest. All you have to do is add water to the tank when it needs and harvest fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Likewise, this smart garden is beginner and space-friendly. Using this very convenient device will not need much space and experience.




Smart garden is one of the great user-friendly plant-growing structures today. It has the essential features that you will need in thriving plants at home, especially if you are a city tenant. The Click and Grow smartgarden already contains a seed pod foundation. Smart soil, an LED lighting strip, and a water reservoir will relieve your burden of growing a few plants as it will do the rest.

What’s more, you can select either the minor edition or the two bigger units. Whichever choice you prefer, how you want to start your smartgarden will vary. Since the device is so simple to use, you’ll have a bunch of time to dedicate to other pastimes. It can follow harvesting, such as discovering how to cook and stock food.


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