How Does the Aerogarden Work? Our Review.

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Unlocking the Secret Garden: How Does the Aerogarden Work? An In-Depth Review


Curious about the magic behind the Aerogarden? Dive into the world of automated indoor gardening as we unravel the mystery of “How does the Aerogarden work?” This comprehensive review will explore the innovative hydroponic technology, the components of the Aerogarden kit, and the step-by-step setup process. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, discover the wonders of cultivating lush, soil-free gardens on your kitchen counter. Let’s embark on a journey to understand the inner workings of this modern marvel, making indoor gardening a breeze.

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Automatic indoor gardening systems such as the Aerogarden are intriguing. But just how does the Aerogarden work? Is it worth the cost to purchase it? What plants grow in this system? We answer these questions and others. Read on.

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With the advent of technology, it becomes much easier to keep an indoor garden. And smart indoor AeroGarden is one of those techniques. You only need a little space with growing systems like AeroGarden! Even if your kitchen is small, you can grow delicious herbs, vegetables, and fruits.


But you may be wondering how the AeroGarden works. Well! Don’t worry. This article will give all kinds of information related to AeroGarden. Let’s begin!


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What Is An AeroGarden?


 An AeroGarden is an indoor garden; it’s a perfect option if you don’t have enough room to plant a garden. These hydroponic marvels encourage you to grow lush indoor gardens year-round on your kitchen counter or anywhere you want! The AeroGarden cultivates plants without the use of soil using a hydroponics system.


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Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, and it refers to the practice of growing plants without soil. Yet, it feeds them mineral nutrients dissolved in a solution, typically water.

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How Does the AeroGarden Work? Let’s Look at What’s Included in the Kit


To answer, “How does the Aerogarden work?” you need to understand the parts included in each kit.

1.  Seed Pods


Aerogarden pods are included and designed to provide each plant’s necessary nutrients. The roots grow in water and sunlight, and the pods sustain your herbs comfortably. Good nutrient incorporation into the plant is made possible by the water’s liquid nutrients.

2.  Aerator Pump


Each garden has an integrated oxygen, water, and nutrients pump or aircraft circulating in the gardens. The pump is a crucial difference between the Aerogarden and its top competitors. It helps to explain how the Aerogarden works.

3.  Ultra LED Grow Light


The growing lights are necessary for photosynthesis, and the Aerogarden Ultra LEDs are ideal. The lighting is automatic in all models, and you do not care that you forgot to turn it on or off. This perfectly time-consuming lighting makes your herbs grow five times faster than in your greenhouse.

4.  Control Panel


The Aerogarden control panel is simple to use. Different versions have different control panels and functions, but the fundamentals remain the same. It advises you when to add nutrients and when to add water.

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Setting Up Your AeroGarden


How does the Aerogarden work? Let’s go ahead and get started with the setup.


You understand the parts. Now let’s set up the Aerogarden.

Step 1: Place It


After purchasing and unboxing your AeroGarden, you can find it near an electrical socket to plug it in and begin using it.


What is the best location for your Aerogarden?


Since the Aerogarden includes every thing that would need to germinate and expand, it can be installed almost anywhere in your home. It’s worth remembering that some models can make a loud noise while working, so keep it out of sleeping areas. Basements, kitchens, dens, and dining rooms are all excellent places to put your Aerogarden.

Step 2: Add Water for the First Time


You’ll need to fill the tank with water and apply some plant food nutrients. Plastic covers the area where water can be used to the AeroGarden.

Step 3: Add Nutrients


Of course, the quantity of nutrients required depends on the number of seed pods. Be sure to scan the nutrition label for the exact amount of each nutrient.

Step 4: Grow Pods


Now, you can add your AeroGarden grow pods! You’ll want to cover each seed pod with a few plastic dome covers. These pod covers increase humidity and promote seed germination.

Step 5: Sprouting


Your pods began to sprout after just a day or two! Don’t be surprised if your little pods have yet to grow as quickly as others. A few AeroGarden seed pods take a bit longer than others to bloom.


Now, all set up for AeroGarden is done. So, now wait for the seeds to germinate and develop into a grown plant. Some of your quick-sprouting seeds could have grown tall enough to hit the plastic AeroGarden pod covers by the end of the first week.

Step 6: Pairing AeroGarden Application


You can attach your AeroGarden to the application to change your light timer, check the water level, and reset the plant food timer. The following are the steps:


  • Launch the Aerogarden App and choose the model garden you want to pair with.
  • Read through the on-screen instructions before pressing the ‘Next button.
  • The camera should open, and you should check the code on the AeroGarden panel.
  • After accepting the scan code, you’ll be asked to call the garden.
  • Congratulations, your AeroGarden has been successfully connected!

Maximum Number of Plants Grown In an Aerogarden?

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Your chosen Aerogarden model determines the number of plants you will grow. The Sprout, for example, can grow up to three pods at a time, while the Aerogarden Farm can grow up to 24 pods at a time. So, before ordering your Aerogarden package, ensure you have enough room for the unit you’re considering.

Benefits of AeroGarden

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1. Guide Booklet
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A booklet of general guidelines for harvesting ensures that you can quickly and comfortably produce plants in your AeroGarden.

2. Minimal Maintenance


Outdoor planting is taxing on the back and inconvenient if you have mobility problems. You don’t have to worry while Aero Gardening, however. It would help if you pruned every couple of weeks at first. Then you must do some maintenance, like fertilizing your garden after a few weeks.

3. No Pesticides


Pesticides are not used in any of the AeroGarden seed kits. If you’re concerned with GMOs, they’re also non-GMO.

4. Continuous Harvesting


You should remove tiny quantities of your plants every day if they have grown big enough. A single seed pod will last for months, yielding much product.

5. Germination Warranty


AeroGarden provides a germination warranty, which ensures that you can get a refund if one of your plant pods fails to germinate. As a result, you can contact customer support and a new plant pod will be mailed to your home. It also assures you that you are getting fair value for your money and good efficiency.

6. Satisfaction of Growing


Nothing compares to the satisfaction of cultivating your plants. Gardening is considered a cure for anxiety and depression. The AeroGarden allows those who do not have access to a greenhouse to grow many plants in a small room for pleasure or food.

7. Different Seed Kits


Several seed kits are available (the 3-pod seed kit, the 12-pod kit, and the 14-pod kit.) Seeds, nutrients, domes, and a guide to include in each box.


Plants growing in an AeroGarden grow twice as fast as those in soil. Thanks to LED grow lights and hydroponics, more substantial quantities of products are generated in a smaller space.

Types of AeroGarden

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The Aerogarden is available in four different styles:


  • Aerogarden Farm Family
  • Bounty Family
  • Aerogarden Harvest Family
  • Sprout Family


These are the most popular styles of AeroGardens; which one is right for you depends on your budget and requirements.

AeroGarden Sprout Family


This little guy will simultaneously plant three pods. The outstanding features of the AeroGarden include automated ventilation, nutrition, water additives, and a mirror showing how much water is in the reservoir. It’s also an excellent unit for growing fresh herbs on the counter. Under the light, the plants or herbs can reach a height of 10 cm. Moreover, they can continue to thrive over the year with proper pruning.

The modern AeroGarden Sprout 3-pod indoor garden is ideal for fresh and tasty herbs.


With a stylish modern look, a new silent pump, and a quick soft-touch button to monitor lights and reset plant food reminders,


Its full spectrum 10-watt LED grow lights are energy-efficient and tuned to plants’ needs. It helps to optimize photosynthesis, resulting in swift, natural growth and plentiful harvests.

  • Matte body
  • Push Button display
  • Some users complain of the noise from the pump

AeroGarden Harvest Family


This one has twice as many seed pods as the Sprout, allowing you six places to plant. The illumination is a bit brighter than the Sprout’s, and it covers a distance of 12 inches, allowing for bigger plants. You can access Sprout’s features, including alerts and automatic lighting.

This 6-pod device is incredibly affordable and offers more value than any other intelligent herb garden. The elite unit’s digital display and stainless steel finish make it an Aerogarden you’ll be proud to display in your kitchen.


With a 20W LED grow light and button controls, it can grow six plants simultaneously. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi or a touchscreen, but it has all the essential features for a meager price.


It’s entertaining to use, and everyone in the family enjoys seeing the plants grow. Sure, it doesn’t produce much food, but it occasionally provides plenty of herbs and salad greens.

  • Matte Body
  • Hold up to 6 pods
  • 20 Watt LED
  • No cons as such

AeroGarden Bounty Family


Things get a lot smoother with the AeroGarden Bounty. Advanced features on the Bounty models include a high-resolution touchscreen control panel and dimming LED Grow lights. On some Bounty models, Wi-Fi is available. It also has a vacation mode to aid in the growth of your plants when you’re away.

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite is a smart indoor hydroponic device with everything you need to cultivate up to nine plants at a time.


The Bounty Elite arrives with your option of nine pod seed kits. The Bounty Elite has a tiny color touch screen on the front that displays the temperature. Moreover, it also shows the water level in your greenhouse, where you planted it.


Remember that the AeroGarden Bounty Elite is very bright and will need to be on for about 15 hours, 30 minutes a day, for a lettuce garden when choosing a place.


The Bounty Elite, according to AeroGarden, operates with Amazon Alexa. It allows you to monitor your garden’s grow light with voice commands.

  • Grows plants quickly
  • Helpful companion app
  • Expensive

The AeroGarden Farm is a self-contained in-home garden that supplies all your plants need to thrive. With its 24 capsules, the Farm Family Series is suitable for growing various plants. Along with the Farm family, AeroGarden, a small herb garden, and an indoor vegetable garden can be accommodated.


The lighting system uses LEDs, which are low-power and produce no heat. Its height suits tall plants such as strawberries, roses, and anything that grows tall and bushy.

  • Wi-Fi and Alexa enabled
  • Auto water reminder
  • Quiet pump
  • Motorized lights
  • Expensive
  • It takes a little bit extra space

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Disadvantages and Complaints About AeroGarden


 Although there are several benefits of having an AeroGarden in your home, potential buyers should note that it also comes with some cons.

Mold Growth


Mold growth on the seed pod surfaces is the most frequent complaint of the AeroGarden. The common opinion is that it is a harmless, beneficial organism that poses no danger to germinating plants. However, many Aerogarden users are disturbed by it and prefer to remove it by lightly brushing it off the soil. Also, clean the system well between plantings. This should be done regardless of mold.



Algae development is another problem that some aerogarden growers face, and it is caused by algae spores in the air contaminating a seed pod. It is a significant problem in hydroponic growing systems. It should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent overgrowth because it decreases the amount of oxygen in the water and harms plant health.

Bright Light


The LED lighting system is incredibly bright and can bring excessive light, mainly if they live in small spaces. The safest option is programming the illumination cycle to turn off during the evening hours. Furthermore, you can also place the system in a location that can be visually shielded at night.

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In Summary: How Does the Aerogarden Work?


The answer to “How does the AeroGarden Work” is “Quite Well!” The AeroGarden System is a delightful indoor garden that everybody can use. It’s easy to use, and you can brag about growing the herbs you’re eating. The device isn’t inexpensive but justified because you increase the products you would have purchased otherwise. If you like this guide, share it with others so that other people can benefit from this masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Aerogarden work, and what sets it apart from traditional gardening?

The Aerogarden utilizes hydroponic technology, growing plants without soil. It includes seed pods with necessary nutrients, an aerator pump for oxygenation, ultra LED grow lights for photosynthesis, and a control panel for easy monitoring. Unlike traditional gardening, it offers automated processes, compact size, and the ability to grow plants indoors year-round.

What are the key steps to set up an Aerogarden, and where is the best location for it?

Setting up an Aerogarden involves placing it near an electrical socket, filling the tank with water, adding plant nutrients, inserting seed pods, and using plastic dome covers for humidity. The best location depends on the model but generally includes kitchens, dens, or dining rooms. Avoid placing it in sleeping areas, and consider noise levels for some models.

What are the different types of Aerogarden models, and how do I choose the right one for my needs?

Aerogarden offers various models like Sprout, Harvest, Bounty, and Farm, each with different features and capacities. The Sprout is suitable for small spaces, the Harvest offers six planting spots, the Bounty has advanced features like touchscreen control, and the Farm accommodates up to 24 plants. Choose based on your budget, available space, and gardening requirements.

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