How to Create a Garden Haven in Your Living Room


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How to Create a Garden Haven in Your Living Room

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Your living room is probably one of the most important parts of your home. For most people, this is where their family spends all of their time together; it is where they do everything from playing board games, studying with their children, watching movies on the couch, and more! But, did you know it would be better if you add a garden haven to it?

Read on for inspiration and ideas on how you can create a garden haven in your own living room. With these tips in mind, you will be able to make a safe space not only for you but for your family as well!

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Tips in Creating a Garden Haven in Your Living Room
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What if you want to create another space in your house that is warm and relaxing? This is where you can create a garden haven right in the middle of your living room! If done properly, you will hardly even notice that there’s a garden planted inside your house.

Here are some tips to help you turn your living room into an incredible indoor garden haven!




1) Ensure there is an ample amount of sunlight.

First off, make sure that there isn’t any sunlight getting inside. If there is, you will then need to find a way for direct sunlight to get filtered. You can do this using garden blinds. There are also some plants that do not need an ample amount of sunshine like succulents and cacti.


2) Place different kinds of garden furniture.

Secondly, make sure that you place garden furniture in your garden haven. This can include garden tables and chairs, garden lounges, and more! Make sure that they thematically match the rest of your house as well. Your outdoor patio furniture might be a great starting point on how you should design your garden haven’s seating area!


3) Layer the garden with some greenery.

You won’t call a garden haven as such if there isn’t any greenery. Place different garden plants and flowers in there. You can also incorporate garden stones and garden stools to give an added garden flair! Make sure that the garden stones are small enough to be safe for your family members, though.

When layering garden plants, make sure that you use garden soil to prevent any damage to your home. You can also ensure that there is no garden growth outside the garden haven. This is especially important if you have children who might play around in your garden.


4) Decorate your garden with garden lighting.

For this tip, you need to illuminate the garden with garden lights! This will not only provide enough lighting for people at night, but it will also create a romantic atmosphere inside the garden haven. If possible, place different kinds of lamps and chandeliers inside. You may do so while using luminaires to direct light at some parts of the garden while concealing them in other areas.

With the right lighting, your garden will be turned into a garden haven in no time! There’s nothing more enjoyable than walking around and relaxing in your own garden while listening to the sounds of nature. With the right garden lighting, you can also enjoy it even on a cloudy day or at night!


5) Incorporate plants that attract butterflies.

Lastly, incorporate plants that attract butterflies like bluebells, pansies, lavenders, and more! Butterflies are known for their charm and beauty; they will surely add some color inside your garden haven as well. This way, you’ll have more than just one reason why you should plant a garden haven inside your living room!


6) Add garden décor

Add garden décors such as garden sculptures and other garden decors like hanging planters! These will help you bring out the garden feel inside your house while creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere for everyone!

You may find decor for your garden haven in garden shops or in your local flea market.

Making the garden haven an extension of your garden will definitely make everyone happy! Your garden can be easily transformed into a garden haven with just some simple tips and tricks. You’ll surely maximize the use of your garden space if you do so.

Just remember to bring out that green thumb in you because one little plant might change everything for you! no more tinkering with sprinklers, shoveling soil, and sweating it out in the sun.


Ways on How to Create a Garden Haven in Your Living Room

Adding a garden haven in your garden will cost a lot of money and in some cases, you might even need an expert to take care of it. But what if we tell you that you can create one without having to spend too much? Here are the steps on how to turn your garden into a garden haven:


1) Place garden blinds.

If there is direct sunlight coming inside, then you will need to do something about it. One way for this is by placing garden blinds. These can be adjusted depending on how much light should enter your garden area while still giving people privacy when needed.


2) Place garden furniture in the garden area.

Secondly, make sure that you place garden furniture in your garden haven. This can include garden tables and chairs, garden benches, garden swings, garden lounges, and more! You should not only place garden furniture inside your garden. This way, you can maximize the use of your garden space even if it’s small.


3) Set up a garden clock.

Then set up a garden clock to help you keep track of time inside the garden haven. This will also allow you to plan out different activities that you can do there. After all, at the end of the day, it’s still part of your house so setting up a clock is really important.


4) Put plants and flowers in different areas where possible.

The next tip would be to put plants and flowers in different areas where possible. Try putting pots or other containers filled with garden soil and put some garden plants inside. This way, they can provide a relaxing atmosphere for everyone. You can put flowers around your garden clock to help you track the time while putting garden grass in front of your garden furniture.


5) Add garden décor.

Lastly, add garden décors such as garden sculptures and other garden decors like hanging planters! These will help you bring out the garden feel inside your house while creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere for everyone!

You may find decor for your garden haven in garden shops or in your local flea market.


Haven Home and Garden Design Ideas to Try

Now that you know how to add a garden haven in your living room, it’s time to be creative! There are hundreds of options and styles of garden haven decor to try out. You’ll surely come up with something unique and inspirational! Here are some garden haven design ideas for you to try:

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1) Create a garden shed.

This garden haven idea is perfect if you do not want others to see what is in your garden or in the garden area. You can put up some garden blinds just like when adding garden curtains. These can help provide privacy when needed. If you plan on storing gardening tools inside this area, then consider building a simple garden shed where they will be kept!


2) Create an outdoor kitchen concept.

Another theme that would work in your garden space would be an outdoor kitchen concept. This way, it will feel like another extension of your house but at the same time, garden furniture and garden tools can be placed around this area.


3) Build a garden gazebo.

This garden haven design idea is great if you plan on hosting garden parties! You can build a simple garden gazebo where you can rest or socialize with your family and friends. You could even add some sturdy benches here for everyone to sit down while enjoying the garden view.


4) Add an outdoor fireplace.

Remember those times when we were kids and we would roast marshmallows and make s’mores? Well, why not bring back those memories by adding an outdoor fireplace in your garden area? With this garden decoration, it will definitely feel like home. You can also adjust the temperature depending on the effect that you want.


5) Create garden brick pathways.

This garden haven idea is perfect if you have a garden pond! You can create garden brick pathways from your garden shed, garden gazebo, or outdoor fireplace all the way to your garden pond. These garden brick pathways will add value and personality to your garden without affecting its overall look and feel.


6) Add a water fountain.

Last but not least would be to add a water fountain in your garden space! Garden fountains are great because not only do they add beauty, aesthetics, and character to the area. It also provides relaxing sounds that everyone can enjoy! Don’t forget to add some decor around it such as large pots filled with flowers or other garden plants.

There are hundreds of garden haven design ideas that you can try, just pick one and start working on it! After all, garden decorating should be fun and exciting, so enjoy the process!


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Gardening Tips You Can Apply to Your Garden Haven

Once your garden decors are up, chances are you want them to last long without having to worry about how they look or where they should go. Here are some garden haven tips that may help you out:


1) Plan first before starting to garden.

When building garden sheds or garden furniture, for example, don’t just mindlessly put things together based on how it looks. Think about the purpose of the garden shed, then plan accordingly. The same goes for other garden decorations such as garden brick pathways. Planning garden decor will ensure that you are maximizing your garden area and garden space. You can do so without sacrificing its effectiveness in the process.


2) Always start small!

When it comes to garden decorating, always start small so you won’t have any regrets when it’s done. Invest only in one garden decoration at a time. This way, you can easily figure out which one may work for your garden area, garden shed, or garden gazebo. This way, you don’t end up with multiple garden decorations that end up cluttering your garden space.

Plus this allows you to see which of them are working well together instead of spending extra dollars while figuring out what not to do. 


3) Add pebble stones around your flower pots or garden urns.

Adding pebble stones will make your garden bricks look more natural and realistic! You can also try to add different-sized garden bricks around the garden area for a more aesthetic effect instead of using garden brick pavers.


4) Paint the garden furniture you have in white or light gray.

Painting garden furniture with lighter shades will allow them to naturally blend into your garden space. You can do without making it look too loud or overbearing. This way, it would appear as if they’re almost part of your garden decor even though you’ve spent an arm and a leg on them!


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5)  Add some patio furniture to your garden gazebo.

If possible, try to invest in rattan garden furniture for any outdoor setting. These garden furniture sets are perfect for garden gazebos because it allows the garden space to feel more at home. Comfortable garden furniture is also very important)


6) Add faux flowers instead of real ones.

Faux garden decor flowers look exactly like real garden decorations but they’re much more affordable! You can use these garden decorations to add color and pizazz to your garden shed, garden gazebo, or garden urns. You can do so without burning a hole in your pocket.


7) Use faux vines instead of real ones for the outdoor garden arbor creating outdoor trellis wall art.

Faux ivy has an elegant look that makes them perfect if you want an elegant waterfall or water fountain in your garden space! They also have that garden decor look without the need to garden weeds.


8) Add garden fountains in any garden gazebo.

Adding garden fountains will not only allow your garden space to be more relaxing. But, it can also provide a nice sound effect for your outdoor setting! If you have an elaborate garden gazebo setting up landscape lighting ideas, adding several garden fountains would complete the garden space’s aesthetic appeal. This will not look too overbearing on the eyes.


9) Paint murals around your flower pots or garden urns garden wall art.

Painting murals around these garden elements will immediately transform them into something extremely eye-catching! This is perfect if you want to create a feature wall out of garden arbors garden wall art or garden brick pavers.


10) Use garden stoops as garden seat walls garden sheds.

Using garden stoops as garden seat walls is a great way to maximize your garden space. This way, you won’t be sacrificing too much of the aesthetic appeal of these garden elements! You can place them near a garden gazebo set up with landscape lighting ideas. Make it feel even more at home with these outdoor furniture pieces. 


11) Paint those garden trellis green color instead of painting them white or gray.

Painting those outdoor garden structures greens will give it that lush look. Any homeowner will love it in their garden decorating! This is perfect if you want some greenery but don’t exactly have a green thumb garden, garden sheds, garden wall art, or garden brick pavers.


12) Add garden benches under garden arbors garden sheds.

Adding garden benches under garden arbors will make it feel like you’re in a fairy tale! If you want your garden gazebo to be an enchanting place, adding these garden features is perfect for your outdoor setting! Just don’t forget to add faux ivy or vines around them for that extra touch of magic.


13) Use tin roof tiles instead of real wooden ones for outdoor flooring ideas like decks, terraces, and patios.

This way, you can get the appearance of wooden garden decor without breaking the bank on expensive wooden garden items!


Conclusion: Add a Garden Haven in Your Living Room Today!

If you’re planning on starting your garden haven in your living room, then these garden decor ideas were just the thing for you! We hope this article was helpful to you! If garden decorating is becoming a passion of yours, keep looking around the garden shed for more garden decor ideas!

For more gardening tips, check out our website now!

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