Plant and Grow Your Own Herbs Indoor Kit

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Plant and Grow Your Own Herbs Indoor Kit

With the advent of technology, we can now grow plants and have a garden practically anywhere – even indoors! The easiest way to do this is by using a grow your own herbs indoors kit. Additionally, having an indoor seedling setup will make things even easier. This article will talk about the importance of a grow your own herbs indoors kit, a simple grow light setup for indoor plants, and some general knowledge and tips regarding indoor seedling setup, indoor vegetable garden setup or any indoor plant growing setup.


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Setting Up Indoor Plants

My favorite grows your own herbs indoors kit is using the ones from Click and Grow or Aerogarden. They can provide you with a simple click and grow smart farm with an efficient succulent grow light setup. For all my fellow gardening enthusiasts out there who believe that gardening requires a large amount of space, this article will help show you that ample space is optional and not mandatory. If you want to learn more, then please keep on reading.

Buying an indoor garden kit or indoor seedling setup is the easiest way to get and achieve a thriving indoor vegetable garden setup or any indoor plant growing setup. However, you also need to look out for three key matters. These three important points will heavily affect your experience regarding indoor gardening.

Know what you Want

Like in all things, having an indoor garden does require you to invest in a good indoor seedling setup with an effective grow light setup for indoor plants. Before investing in the needed equipment, it is necessary for you to decide and research what or which plants you will be growing. The reason for this is that there are differences between an indoor vegetable garden setup from a general indoor seedling setup.

Invest in the appropriate pots

After deciding and researching about the type of plants you want to grow, you can start to build up a grow your own herbs indoors kit by buying the right type of pots for your plants. Size is important when it comes to choosing the right size for your pot. Some plants require bigger pots because of their roots. Root size is one of the major reasons why it is always important to invest in the right pots for optimal plant growth. A clay or terra cotta pot is ideal if you want to grow vegetables since they are porous and can help remove extra moisture from your soil.

Soil matters too

Another important thing to note regarding an indoor plant growing setup is the soil. When choosing the soil to buy, it is important to also do the appropriate research. The reason for this is that the type of plant you choose will determine the soil which will best suit its needs. For example, seedlings require a soil that can retain moisture and is at the same time light. In contrast, succulents and some herbs require a well-drained and coarser soil mix. However, the general rule for a good indoor potting mix is for it to have perlite, peat moss, and vermiculite.

Just to be sure, when purchasing your soil, always ask the seller to help you especially if you are just starting out. You can also choose a ready-made to grow your own herbs indoors kit online or from plant shops. However, you need to keep in mind the type of plants you are trying to grow indoors.


Or, No-Soil

Many of today’s indoor automatic gardens use hydroponics, rather than soil. With these systems, a non-soil method of supporting the plants keeps them secure. Water and nutrients flow through the system to keep your plants watered and fed from the root system. These types (see our recommendations of the Click and Grow and the Aerogarden, below) cost a bit more to begin but pay back with good growth, less mess, and little maintenance. We think the trade-off is well worth the increase in initial outlay.

grow your own herbs indoor kit
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Tips for Indoor Seedling Setup

Now that you have a general idea of the things you’ll need to note, buy or invest in, here are some of the tips and tricks I have learned that will help you in preparing for your indoor garden. A general grow your own herbs indoors kit will normally give you everything you need for indoor gardening.

Fertilizer is Good in Moderation

This first tip is very simple but a lot of people often neglect it. Indoor plants don’t really need a lot of fertilizer. The reason for this is because the nutrients that your plants will use per pot are not a lot. In general, I recommend adding fertilizer only once or twice in every three months. Though again, it is best to do proper research regarding the specific needs of the type of plant you plan on growing.

Humid Air and Luscious Greens 

Depending on the type of plant you are growing indoors, the humidity will play a big factor in its survival or ability to thrive. For an indoor vegetable garden setup, watering the vegetables will most likely suffice. However, for many other species of plants, the lack of water in the air can make it difficult for them to grow or even survive. Spraying your indoor plants every day will be more than enough to remedy this. You can also buy a relatively cheap humidifier for both your indoor plants and for yourself. The humid air will help your plants have vibrant green leaves and will give your skin a much-needed exposure to water for a young and healthy look as well.

Grow Light Setup for Indoor Plants

When it comes to your indoor garden, it is important to know the type of plant you have and the necessary light it requires for optimal growth. Determining the proper grow light setup for indoor plants and exposure is critical to an indoor seedling setup, indoor vegetable garden set up or in any indoor plant growing setup. Some plants prefer longer exposure to sunlight while some plants don’t. Generally, seedlings require more sunlight when they are growing, while succulents need sunlight, but direct exposure can cause burning.


What about the automatic systems?


If you are still unsure about what to purchase and you still want to try out indoor gardening then you might want to check out my top 2 favorite indoor gardening kits: Click and Grow an Aerogarden.


Click and Grow

The Click and Grow indoor gardening system offers many options and sizes. Click on the link below to find which one would be best for you.

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or follow this link to Amazon.


First on the list is the Smart Garden from the company Click and Grow. The company Click and Grow provides various innovative kits that will help you have your own indoor garden without having to exert too much effort. They feature various Smart Gardens which will help you “grow anything with zero effort” and help provide you and your family organic vegetables all year round.

What I love about Click and Grow is that they have multiple choices to suit your needs. They have several Smart Garden variations which will definitely fit your home. Another thing to note is that their sets have everything you need to start your own indoor garden.

A set will usually include the Smart Garden, which automatically waters your plants and provides the appropriate light for optimal growth. You won’t have to worry about the position of your plants anymore! A complimentary set of plant pods to start of your journey and an app which will help you become an expert in no time!

If you already got the hang of the basic pods that your set comes with, you can choose from over 75 of their pre-seeded plant pods which range from fruits, greens, herbs, and flowers.



Aerogarden offers several sizes and types. Two of the most popular are:



Another innovative and definitely worth checking out is the indoor gardening kits from the company Aerogarden. Aerogarden’s claim to fame is their full in-home garden system, which will automatically deliver everything and anything your plant needs. No green thumb required! They feature various sets which will help you grow anything that you want. Like the Smart Garden from Click and Grow, Aerogarden features a gardening kit that will make planting easier and more enjoyable. They also offer various kits ranging from herbs, vegetables and flowers. They also have a vacation mode setting which will help provide your plants with all it needs while you are away.

Click and Grow vs. Aerogarden

Both companies feature amazing indoor garden kits that you should definitely check out. Price-wise, they have various indoor gardening kits that are similarly priced. With regard to the number of plants that a garden can grow, Aerogarden’s Bounty Basic can grow at least 9 plants simultaneously, while the basic Click and Grow Smart Garden can only grow to up to 3 plants. With regard to the interface, Click and Grow’s Smart Garden is easier to use and perfect for beginners.

In fact, while they each offer slightly different pros and cons, I doubt you would be unhappy with either option.


In growing your indoor garden, the foremost consideration is to always know what you want. Knowing this will help guide you in preparing the perfect indoor garden for you.  If you choose to go through the easier route, getting a grow your own herbs indoors kit is the way to go. I recommend both kits from Click and Grow and Aerogarden since they are amazing. I personally believe that Click and Grow is better for beginners since it is easier to use, although the basic Smart Garden can only grow a limited number of plants. While the Aerogarden basic gardening kit can grow up to 9 plants.

Again, whatever way you choose, always remember that gardening is a very personal and enjoyable endeavor. Good luck my future gardeners, and I hope to see your indoor gardens blossom. Don’t forget to comment below if you do choose to start your own indoor garden.


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