Climbing Roses in Pots: Bringing the Outdoors Inside

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Have you ever considered growing climbing roses in pots? Roses, among other flowering plants, enjoy widespread admiration and attention. Gardeners have loved them for millennia due to their attractiveness, fragrance, and adaptability. But what if you don’t have a yard or enough room for a rose bush? In this case, potted climber roses will do the trick. These lovely plants flourish in pots with minimal care. It adds color and flair to any exterior or interior space. Learn everything you need to know about growing climbing roses in containers. You will know which types to grow to harvest the roses for tea or garnish.


Varieties of Climbing Roses to Grow in Pots


Miniature climbing rose types are ideal for pots. Not only will they be more contained within a pot, but their slower, more contained development rates also make them less of a hassle. What follows is a list of the top climber roses for container gardening:


Climbing Roses in Pots
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Zephirine Drouhin 


This climbing rose or as ‘Zephirine Drouhin. It has been a beloved gardener for generations due to its stunning pink flowers and subtle scent. Because it lacks thorns, it is also a good option for planting in public spaces.


Don Juan


‘Don Juan’ is a stunning climbing rose. It will add a bit of drama to any space with its deep red blooms and vigorous growth. It’s hard and requires little maintenance.


New Dawn


The ‘New Dawn’ climbing rose is well-liked because of its pink blossoms and light scent. Its rapid growth is ideal for a container that requires vertical interest. It will cover a trellis or wall.


Climbing Cecile Brunner


The miniature climbing rose ‘Climbing Cecile Brunner’ features clusters of tiny pink blooms. Because it only gets to be about 5 feet tall, it’s perfect for a pot or suspended basket.


Golden Showers


This vigorous climber or as ‘Golden Showers. It covers in Cheerful golden flowers throughout the growing season. It’s hard and requires little maintenance.


Picking the right climbing rose for your garden can be overwhelming. Watch the video on how to choose the right climbing rose for your indoor:


Video credit: @FraserValleyRoseFarm


Size of Pots for Climbing Roses


The size of the pot is important when growing climbing roses. Choose a pot with some extra space at the bottom so the soil can keep moisture and support the plant’s root system. Choose a pot with at least 18 inches in depth and width; bigger pots are preferable.


Determine the fill level and the means of transporting the receptacle. Soil and water can add significant weight to a big container. It’s important to select a lightweight pot. You can also buy a wheeled stand to help transport it.



How to Care for Climbing Roses in Pots


Climbing Roses in Pots
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  1. The first step in rose maintenance is selecting a climber rose and a suitable container. If you want your climbing rose to flourish in a pot, follow these guidelines. It would be best to use a mixture of rich, well-drained soil. A decent mixture should be airy and light for the roots to breathe.
  2. Roses planted in the soil and roses in containers need more frequent watering. Its temperature and the pot size should give your plant a thorough soaking once or twice a week. Maintain a moist but not soggy earth.
  3. Climbing roses in containers thrive with consistent applications of fertilizer. Fertilize your roses every two to three weeks. You can use a slow-release rose or liquid fertilizer.
  4. Maintaining the health and appearance of your climbing rose necessitates regular trimming. After the first round of blooms, prune your plant again. Prune it in the late winter or early spring before new growth emerges. Take out rotten or diseased pieces. You can attach the surviving branches to the support system.
  5. Climbing roses need a trellis or other support system to flourish. Pick a trellis or support that can carry your plant’s weight. And place it near the container so the rose can climb onto it.


Indoors vs. Outdoors: Climbing Roses in Pots


Climbing roses in pots can cultivate either indoors or outdoors. Depending on the variety and the climate. It is possible to grow roses, but you need access to an outdoor space. If you want to have roses year-round, indoor roses are a wonderful option. They need frequent watering and feeding and can be grown in a sunny window or under grow lamps. Climbing roses grown in pots outdoors are lovely. You can add it to patios, porches, and other outdoor spaces. 


Climbing Roses in Pots
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They are an excellent way to add vertical interest to your outdoors. It also gives areas’ landscape, color, and character. Outside-grown roses need special care, such as regular watering, feeding, and pruning. It also needs well as protection from harsh winds and cold.


Using Climbing Roses for Tea or Garnish


Did you know that climber roses can use in other ways, like in tea or as an addition to a dish? Some climbing rose types have fragrant blooms. When you steep it in hot water, it produces a fragrant and flavorful tea. 


To prepare rose tea, you only need to steep a handful of fresh rose petals in hot water. Wait for a few minutes before straining and sipping. Desserts, salads, and drinks all enjoy the addition of climbing roses as a decorative element. It’s easy to add a bit of elegance and fragrance to any dish or drink by scattering fresh rose petals on top. For these reasons, only use roses with pesticides free, and don’t use any roses at all if you can help it.


Scaling New Heights: Elevate Your Garden with Climbing Roses in Pots!


In conclusion, climbing roses grown in pots enhance the aesthetic value of any room. Many dwarf types will grow well in pots of the right size if they get enough light and water. It takes a lot of time to water, fertilize, prune, and support climbing roses in pots daily. Their beautiful flowers are well worth the work. Many people want roses but need access to an outdoor area. No worries, you may enjoy growing indoor climbing roses. 








Climbing roses are a beautiful way to add height to your outdoor space. They are also suited for patios, porches, and gardens. Their aesthetic value, the fragrant flowers of certain climbing rose types, is essential. It can make tea or garnish.


Whether you’re an expert gardener or starting, climbing roses in pots is a beautiful way to do it. It adds color, scent, and aesthetic value to your home. You can appreciate their attractiveness for many years if you select the appropriate variety, and container and care for your plants. Consider getting a growing rose if you want to improve the look and smell of your home or yard with little work.



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Frequently Asked Questions – Climbing Roses in Pots!


In what quantity of container do climbing roses thrive?


Growing climbing roses in containers need a large receptacle. You need to have between 15 and 20 gallons. This container is suitable for encouraging root development and slowing soil drying out.


If you have climbing roses in containers, how often should you water them?


During the hot summer months, climbing roses in containers need frequent watering. When and how often to rinse a plant depends on a different factor. Its location, the size of its container, and the plant’s requirements. Generally, it would be best if you watered your climbing rose when the upper inch of soil is dry.


In what ratio should I feed the soil around my growing roses in containers?


To maintain their luxuriant appearance:

  1. Climbing roses in containers need consistent fertilizer feedings.
  2. Fertilize your flowers with a slow-release formula and use it as directed.
  3. Use a liquid fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season.


Can you cultivate climbing roses in a pot indoors?


You can cultivate climbing roses in containers can indoors. Select a cultivar that thrives in indirect sunlight and cool temperatures. Roses grown indoors need frequent watering and fertilizing. Exposure to bright, sunny windows or grow lights is a must.


Could you use climbing flowers to flavor tea or as an extra garnish?


You can use climber roses’ fragrant blossoms as tea or garnish. But remember to handle only to use roses that have no pesticides. A few fresh rose petals steeped in hot water will produce a lovely, aromatic cup of tea. You can add it to drinks, salads, and savory and sweet meals as a beautiful and flavorful garnish.


When should I trim my climbing rose that I have in a pot?


Pruning climbing roses in late winter or early spring to encourage to make new development. Remove any dead or infected wood and retrain the surviving branches to the trellis. Support it by performing a second round of pruning after the initial blooming has faded.

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