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Improve Home Air Quality with Houseplants


Yes, you can improve home air quality with houseplants. In fact, research by NASA confirmed that some plants provide excellent air-purification, all while beautifying our home. But knowing which plants excel above others helps us choose varieties for best results. Read on for what the experts found in studies to improve home air quality with houseplants.

improve home air quality with houseplants
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Best Houseplants for improving AQI

Living in an urban center with a polluted environment and air laden with harmful carbon and other pollutants can be really draining for anyone. At this point you might want to consider healthy alternatives to improve the air quality at least at your home. Fortunately, many types of  plants exist which you can keep indoors and they can be excellent air purifiers as well.


How we Improve Home Air Quality with Houseplants

We know that many of the plants which are planted outside, grow into trees and have an immensely positive impact on the environment. But indoor plants offer some incredible benefits to our air, too..  Houseplants create a mini-ecosystem within our house or apartment and do on mini-scale what outdoor trees and forests do on a macro-scale. So how exactly do they do it and how does it improve the Air Quality Index (AQI)?

By Releasing Oxygen and Absorbing Carbon Dioxide

Houseplants release oxygen in the air. This increases the oxygen content of the air and when breathed in, it lightens up our mood, refreshes us and enhances our focus.

The carbon dioxide which humans exhale tends to stay in the air and causes unnecessary heating up. Often, this makes our mood less than happy, too. These plants absorb this carbon dioxide and purify the air. Yes, houseplants help create happy homes!


Improve Home Air Quality with Houseplants: humidification connection

A lot of breathing problems such as chest congestion and sore throat arise because of low water vapor content in the air. Plants, via transpiration, humidify air and make it more breath-able.

Our Plants Improve Air Quality By Precipitating Suspended Pollutants

Interestingly, plants emit water vapors which bind heavy particles and precipitate them down to ground. This mechanism ensures that these pollutants are not breathed in by humans and thus saves us from a lot of respiratory problems

By Keeping the Air Moving, Plants Help Purify our Air

Plants bring the air into the recycling process. Thus the air which would otherwise be just stagnant and suspended as such constantly cycles between the flora and the atmosphere which improves air quality.

Improve Home Air Quality with Houseplants:  absorbing toxins

We live in a plastic society today and the downside of using all these synthetic substances is that we constantly get exposed to harmful irritants. These include organic compounds like benzene, toluene and formaldehyde. Constant exposure to these harmful airborne chemicals make us prone to diseases ranging from simple cough to cancer. Plants perform an excellent job at air purification by absorbing these toxins and getting the air rid of them.

What Determines the AQI: Air Quality Index

A lot of factors go into calculating the air quality index. The most important ones are the concentrations of various pollutants such as Carbon monoxide, Sulphur compounds,

Lead and other suspended particles. Plants target some important factors by improving the oxygen content and lowering the concentration of carbon containing gases. It can be safely concluded that houseplants significantly improve the air quality index.

Houseplants for improving AQI

Given below are some of the most famous house plants which can raise the Air Quality Index of your home

1)  Spider Plant

This quick growing and low-maintenance plant performs an excellent job at ridding your indoor air of the harmful pollutants. Spider plants can be kept anywhere in the house because they do not need direct sunlight for their growth all the time.

2)  Warneck Dracaena

No need to be “flabbergasted” by this difficult sounding name. Dracaena is a popular indoor plant which is kept for adornment and decorative purposes throughout the world. However it also has excellent quality of improving the air quality as well as air conditioning. Thus it can help maintain indoor temperature to a moderate level while also absorbing chemicals present in the air which are released from detergents and paints used inside the house.

3)  English Ivy

Those who suffer allergies might consider having an English Ivy. These plants might literally be a life saver. However, keep this plant  away from pets and children. Experts warn it contains toxic substances ingested. In fact, it causes some reactions when touched. While not considered deadly, these toxins often cause vomiting and other digestive issues.

However, . English ivy is excellent for people with respiratory However, kept in a hanging basket away from your pets and children, this plant excels at purifying the air. It helps clear the air for problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis etc. It clears airborne particles of benzene and other aerosol molecules which might be causing a difficulty in breathing for you and your family.

4)  Chrysanthemum

Also known as Florist’s Mum, chrysanthemum often find use as the universal Get-well flowers. Indeed, chrysanthemum offer some incredible qualities. The beautiful flowers are sure to leave a lasting pleasant effect on your mental being. Their ability to cleanse air is what makes them popular air purifiers. However, they require regular maintenance and frequent watering.

5)  Peace lily

If you are looking for a plant with robust air-purifying ability, not much can go wrong with choosing a Peace Lily. They absorb a wide range of toxins from ammonia to formaldehyde. Their ability to freshen up the air by getting rid of that lingering and reeking smell of indoors makes them an absolute heart-favorite for plant enthusiasts all around the world. Consider these plants when you need to budget closely as they come at quite an affordable price.

6)  Gerbera Daisy

The beautiful and vibrant-colored flowers of Gerbera charm everyone who has green fingers. This plant detoxes the indoor atmosphere by absorbing benzene alongside other cancer-causing carcinogenic particles in the air. They are also great stress relievers and mood elevators

7)  Aloe Vera

This succulent plant remains famous the world over for its healing and beauty uses. But the beneficial Aloe plant excels in cleaning the air, too. Additionally, this  low maintenance plant needs little care. What a great addition to your home!

8)  Flamingo Lily

This is an evergreen plant commonly known as Red Anthurium. Flamingo Lily holds the reputation of being excellent at removing air borne particles of xylene and toluene in addition to removing benzene from the air. The Flamingo Lily thus ensures that you avoid accidentally breathing in these highly harmful respiratory tract irritants. The beautiful flowers also provide an aesthetic pleasure to the hosts which is a quality over and above their air-cleansing properties.

Enjoy The Benefits As You Improve Home Air Quality with Houseplants

These plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but also purify air in a number of ways. They keep a lot of diseases away and save us from a lot of microorganisms which thrive in polluted air. Thus there is nothing which can go wrong with keeping an air-purifying plant at your home.


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