Types of Plant Pots


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Know the secret of what type of plant pots are beneficial for your plants.

Walk into a garden center, and you will see a variety of garden pots. Big plastic pots, colorful pots, resin pots, decorate ceramic pots, clay, and stone pots. So, which should you buy? Is your choice solely based on aesthetics, or do you want a pot beneficial for your plants?

There are several materials used for making different types of plant pots. Some typical choices include Clay, Plastic, Glass, Terracotta, Resin, Soil, Concrete, Metal, and Foam. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

More to consider than material

In addition to pot material, the size of your pot is also essential because it will determine how much room your plant has to grow. If you plan to start with a small plant, you should consider getting a smaller pot. This way, your plant can expand its root system for better access to water and nutrients. However, if you plan on having a larger plant, you may want to go with a larger pot that offers more room for your plant and its roots.

Moreover, when choosing a pot, considering other factors like compost filling and drainage system is also vital. Below, we will explain different types of plant pots along with the pros and cons, so you don’t end up with a pot full of water that doesn’t drain properly.

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Different Types of Plant Pots

1.      Clay Pots

Clay Pots
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