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Try Holiday Decorating With Houseplants

Fix your home interior by holiday decorating with houseplants. If you wish to add a touch of color and make it more festive, you can try to add a few of these during the Christmas season. With their aesthetic appeal, their presence can enhance or brighten the mood indoors. More than being stylish, their companionship refines the air. Hence, it isn’t surprising why these houseplants are around in gatherings and merriments.
Several kinds look creative and are noticeable as solo plants or with ornaments. They are even trendy and considered excellent choices during the yuletide seasons. Thus have these plants if you wish to spread cheer while bringing in some freshness indoors. For some recommended houseplants and details about them, please keep reading.


Plants For Holiday Decorating With Houseplants

The holiday season is more than family or friendly gatherings. It’s the time of the year to decorate. Home design matters a lot when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. The arrangement of household belongings affects the mood or feel of a place. Hence, adding some houseplants inside and embellishing them matters at Christmas. So getting a few to have and adorn indoor greenery helps with the festivity.
Be creative, feel inspired, and spark joy while you’re at it with several houseplants at home. Here are some examples of the most admired and used plants in December.
holiday decorating with houseplants
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Christmas Rose

It’s a gorgeous ornamental garden piece that displays glistening blossoms. People use this evergreen and perennial plant to represent purity with how it looks. It has large and curved white sepals with pinkish-green hues across. In the middle of it is a fancy golden yellow stamen. Also called hellebore, this herbaceous plant blooms in late fall up to late winter. So folks find its look and timing attractive even if it isn’t a fragrant indoor plant.
It’s a low-maintenance plant that symbolizes kindness and camaraderie. It’s practical and appropriate when you would try holiday decorating with houseplants. Thus it goes well with the festivity. Caring for it is easy since it can thrive where there is bright and indirect light. It will continue to flourish with only three hours of sunlight exposure daily. So brightness and darkness aren’t issues for this hardy plant. It needs well-draining soil but requires constant watering to keep the roots moist. Yet it isn’t demanding because it only calls for hydration when the ground turns dry. So folks find it worthy as a showy plant, especially during the season of giving.



Also called Christmas flowers, they are very festive as fashionable plants. They thrive in about 5 to 6 hours of brilliant and light shade. Even if they can’t manage freezing temperatures, they can do well indoors. They are beautiful to look at and quite ideal for merrymaking. On them are white, pink, or scarlet bracts, thick and broad leaves, and yellow cyathia in the middle. As a whole, they appear attractive and worthy of attention. Watering them once weekly when the soil is dry is enough with well-draining soil. They need all-purpose fertilizer and bloom late in the year. Plus, their blossoms last for 2 to 3 months. Hence, they are superb in adorning spaces indoors at Christmas time.
Holiday decorating with houseplants like these is also beneficial due to their symbolism. These flowers retell an old and touching Mexican tale of generosity. A small girl gave weeds to an altar on Christmas eve, and they transformed into these plants. Others use varieties to represent yuletide themes. Red bracts represent the blood of Christ, while white ones stand for immaculateness. The shape of the entire plant itself resembles a star associated with the Christmas star. So it’s common to see these in different households.
colorful poinsettias
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Also called Ilex or Myrtle Holly, it’s an ornamental shrub. Many find it appealing due to its red berries with deep green, glossy, and spiky foliage. The plant represents the holiday by symbolizing the blood of Christ on the crown of thorns. In other beliefs, hanging it equates to bringing in good fortune. In most cases, people see the plant as that which brings happiness. In that way, being symbolic and aesthetic, it’s a valuable type of plant during the festivity.
Many homes have it when holiday decorating with houseplants happens. It’s convenient to have this hardy and accent plant since it can grow in an indoor pot with acidic soil. Chilly temperatures wouldn’t be an issue because it can handle frost. It can thrive inside a house with 50% humidity and manage weekly watering. You only need to ensure the soil doesn’t turn soggy. Still, it does well with around 4 hours of full sunlight and when pruned in wintertime. So it’s a low-maintenance indoor shrub that isn’t troublesome to keep. Because of that, we can even say it’s worth it as a winter decoration.
holly for holiday
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It’s not only a festive plant but a frequent favorite of many. Folks appreciate it for its sloping petals and patterned foliage. It has white, pink, red, or purple flowers with heart-shaped leaves. It doesn’t crave attention, surviving on little sunlight while dry during cold days. Yet it needs water every ten days or so in wintertime. Still, it stands for sincere love and fondness. Its aesthetic appeal, maintenance, and symbolism make it ideal for the yuletide season.
Holiday decorating with houseplants when it’s cold is easy with this. Unlike other plants, this can do well when away from direct sunlight and a radiator. An hour or two of sunlight is fine, but the rays must not be very bright. It can tolerate the cold but not too much water. So leaving it wouldn’t cause problems once it’s settled somewhere with moist soil and in a humid room. It can do well in chilly areas where the windows face east or north.


Christmas Cactus

It’s trendy among plant enthusiasts due to its tubular, pink, and lilac blossoms. It blooms in winter, withstands the cold, and thrives when facing a window on the east or west side of the room. People appreciate its versatility because it does well in shady areas too. Placing it far from warm windowsills, radiators, and fireplaces helps. It can decorate the countertops, corners, and tables of humid rooms. Because of its long lifespan of about 20 to 30 years, some people associate it with enduring love. So it belongs to the plants used by gardeners during Christmas time.
You can try holiday decorating with houseplants with this succulent. Yet it can’t tolerate frost and can only take temperatures above 50 Fahrenheit or 10 Celcius. It requires a pot indoors that drains well but must have moist soil to survive. Watering every other month during fall or winter is enough for this plant. With these points, we can say that it’s a plant that looks good and lasts for years. You won’t have to worry much about its maintenance too. Hence, it gives you a reusable and attractive plant to adorn your home.


Techniques For Holiday Decorating With Houseplants

It’s not enough to have a few plants here and there inside your home. When you have garden companions, organize their placement. If you need to, adorn them. It’s so your space would look attractive rather than cluttered. Besides, it becomes more festive with plants when they are in order. So it matters to set your greenery right to have a lively indoor mood.


Have A Theme

It’s crucial to have a concept for the style of your home with the plants present. It will guide you a guide on how to go about the arrangement of your belongings too. Plus, establishing the feel of your space is easier when there’s a motif. Hence, many homes with houseplants have green, white, and red hues. Others even have shades of purple and gold. In Christianity, these colors symbolize several things. People equate the color green with good fortune. White gets associated with purity, while red relates to Santa Claus and love. For purple and gold, it’s magic and wealth. You can try different combinations and combine various plant types. So it pays to have a plant theme for the holidays.
Holiday decorating with houseplants can be traditional or unconventional. Plants don’t have to be close to one another. They can be far from one another, with dangling vines, and together with household items. Some even use their windows, curtains, and shelves for decoration. As long as your house won’t look disheveled, it’s appealing to have a theme.
holiday decorating with houseplants
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Change Your Pots and Use Ornaments

If repotting isn’t an issue, you can try changing the containers of your plants. Convert them into something festive. You can try using household items such as mugs or bags for this. There isn’t an issue as long as they can accommodate the roots and other parts. Also, consider what your plants would look like even before transferring them. You can try going for pots with complementing or contrasting hues. Yet you should only try this if you know that your plants aren’t going to feel stressed. So this can be your simple way of decorating your home with plants.
Hanging lights on your plants or mixing them with ornamental braids can also work. Holiday decorating with houseplants may be tiresome, but it’s often worth the effort. You can make your potted plants or showcase your vines with these methods. It’s decorative to put star-shaped and heart-like decorations on your greenery. Wrapping your table with vines or putting these creepers high above can make them fancy. Thus you can be as creative as you like when using houseplants to improve your home design.


On A Final Note

Let out your creativity by holiday decorating with houseplants. Bringing nature to your home adds charm and life to your space. Doing it also allows for cleaner indoor air. If you’re uncertain where to start, look for decorative plants for the home interior. After being ready with your flowers and foliage, know and be creative about where you use them. You can use ornaments if you have to. Hence, you can adorn with plants to be festive, and your limit when decorating is your imagination.
We hope you enjoyed our plant and artistic recommendations for Christmas. If you have things to add to our post, please write us. We’re open to seeing what our readers do with plants during the holidays. Thanks for reading.

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