15 Best Times to Send Bonsai Tree Gift

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For a Unique Surprise – Send Bonsai Tree Gift


Need a great gift that lives on a lifetime? Send bonsai tree gift to a family member or friend. Is bonsai a good gift to give or to send? Read on to learn why people enjoy giving these treasured plants as much as they love receiving them.

In Japanese, the term Bonsai means “planted in a container”. But while these tiny trees take little space, they provide great meaning. Bonsai trees are believed to bring good luck and harmony to the home and family. However, when received as a gift, it is said to bring double the fortune to the recipient. What a wonderful gift idea!

When you search for a truly unique gift, consider giving or sending a bonsai tree. In addition to representing good fortune, they symbolize love, eternity, and our link with our natural world.

These tiny showpieces bring a touch of the outdoors inside when kept as houseplants. And they are so easy to care for, that you may find a new hobby in growing and designing these living art forms.


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15 Best Times to Send Bonsai Tree Gift

Is Bonsai a good gift for certain times?

We recommend these beautiful gifts for special occasions such as:

1- Birthdays

Celebrating a birthday each year reminds us of how special life is. A bonsai gift provides a living reminder of that commemorative event.  In fact,  a Bonsai tree is truly the birthday gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to the long lifespans of Bonsai trees, the gift of a bonsai tree is one that your loved ones can never outgrow, and it will never go out-of-date.

2- Easter

Christians celebrate the Easter holiday in many ways. It represents a renewal in all its many forms, centering around the resurrection of Jesus. Giving a treasured Bonsai, with its lifespan of decades or centuries, symbolizes the eternal love of Jesus and his Father above. And, your Easter Bonsai could also be worked into your  Easter celebrations. You might offer one as a prize at the end of the Easter Egg hunt. Or, perhaps they are used as table decor with the intent of your guests to take them home with them.

3- Christmas

Imagine giving the gift a Christmas Bonsai carefully crafted to look just like a miniature Christmas tree! Add a few decorations to create one of the most memorable holiday gifts ever. You might use one as a centerpiece of your family’s  Christmas celebrations for years to come. Your Christmas Bonsai also fits in with your miniature nativity scene, adding a living touch to this beloved birth scene.

Purchase one ready to give. Or, to personalize your gift, even more, consider taking a few months ahead of the holidays to craft it into the perfect gift yourself!

4- New Year’s

Some celebrate New Year’s with partying and festivities. Why not honor your host with a bonsai tree? You might also send bonsai tree gifts to others far away. Just imagine, a new plant to celebrate the New Year- what a delightful custom!

5- Valentines Day

It’s said that nothing is truly forever, but giving a Bonsai tree for Valentine’s Day might say that your love grows eternally. This living, growing entity, cared for lovingly, will symbolize your love throughout the rest of your lives. Giving a Bonsai tree to your special someone says that you believe your love will continue to grow and thrive.

6- Earth Day

A more recent holiday, Earth Day serves to remind us of the need to protect our precious environment. As such, Bonsai trees make the perfect gift to celebrate Earth Day and similar holidays. A Bonsai is an ecologically-conscious gift that shows how much you value finding a balance between humanity and the natural world around us.

We like that these smaller versions of our stately trees serve as a connection between our Earth and ourselves. And they are easily transported if you move to another home.

7- Arbor Day

This national holiday was created to recognize the importance of trees. Giving a Bonsai tree to a loved one seems perfect! Not only does your gift show the recipient that you value them, it serves as a reminder throughout the year. J ust like the gift of a Bonsai for Earth Day, your Arbor Day gift provides a connection that, unlike most outdoor versions, can easily travel with them throughout their life, even when they move.

8- In Memory of

We often gift flowers in memory of a loved one’s passing. In a similar fashion, a beautiful Bonsai tree provides a living memorial for the recipient. And these tiny trees outlast most other houseplants, too, providing many years of showing your caring and love.

9- Anniversaries/Weddings

A Wedding gift of a Bonsai signifies that you wish the couple a long and thriving marriage. Similarly, gifting one for an anniversary shows that same belief in the forever union. While cut roses are beautiful for a few days, the Bonsai maintains for years, probably a lifetime.

10- Birth of new baby (or adoption!)

New life celebrations, whether by birth or adoption, are the perfect occasion for gifting a Bonsai tree.

11- Celebrating a new job

Some new jobs come with an office area that hosts a new Bonsai tree quite well! However, even if the new plant stays home, it helps celebrate a new job or a promotion.

12- Retirement

Retiring from the work force offers a chance for new beginnings with hobbies, friendships, and interests. What a perfect time to send a bonsai tree gift!

13- House Warming

Is a Bonsai a good gift for a housewarming gift? Indeed, the recipient will be quite fortunate to receive such a gift!

14- Graduation/Off to college

A bonsai tree plant travels easily with your graduate and often shares many years with them. What a great symbol of life and prosperity!

15- Just Because

Yes, sometimes we give a gift, “Just because.”  In fact, such gifts might mean even more to the giver and recipient. These gifts show true caring, not related to any holiday or reason. Indeed, we give them, “just because”.



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Next Time, Send a Bonsai Tree Gift!

In fact, Bonsai Trees are a perfect gift in so many situations, it might be hard to know where to start. Check out our other pages (see the Read More section below)


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