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Giving indoor plants for gifts offers a very special way to celebrate. Houseplants make beautiful presents. In fact, they might be the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, graduation, or farewell gift. Imagine the happiness of the recipient when they see this special and often unique gift.


Everyone Loves Indoor Plants for Gifts

Indoor Plants for Gifts
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I’ve often given my own Mom a living plant for Mother’s Day or for her birthday. She loved the special touch it brought.

In fact, I’ve given plants to other friends and relatives and they always seemed happily surprised. When I am the recipient of a plant offering, it means so much.

Most of us know the feeling of trying to find the perfect gift. After a long search, I have opted for a gift card. Yes, it’s impersonal. But sometimes I just cannot find the right gift.

Houseplants fill that need nicely. In fact, they may become your new go-to for gift giving.



Why Choose Indoor Plants as Gifts?

I like offering indoor plants as gifts, just as I like receiving them. Consider the benefits:

  • Unlike many gifts, a houseplant will remind the recipient of your thoughtful present for a long time.
  • The great variety of types, colors, and textures makes finding the perfect plant easy.
  • Plants have other benefits besides their ornamental significance

Even though you may not be an avid plant lover, most of us know at least one close person who has a special place in their heart for plants. Plants make the best gifts for such people particularly. But generally, just about anyone can receive a pretty, green plant as a heartwarming gift.

Things To Consider Before Using Indoor Plants as Gifts

Usually, we are concerned about whether the other person will like our gift or not. The situation gets tougher if we don’t know the person very well. However, with plants, you can hardly ever go wrong. Start by finding a decent-looking plant that may carry additional qualities such as air-purification, ornamental uses, fragrance, etc. The next step is to wrap your plant of choice with love and give it to your special ones. Although the task seems simple enough, there are a couple of things you must consider before gifting a plant to anyone.

Age and general taste of the recipient:

Young people tend to like bright, lively colors while the older may be likely to settle with a more utilitarian approach. There are always exceptions, of course.

The Occasion:

If it is a coming-of-age ceremony, a young blooming flower might be a good option. For new-house parties, a decorative plant is promised to work well. If the plant is to be presented to an office coworker, a mature-looking, small and well-potted plant will do the job.

Your Budget:

Plants are affordable, but there are some species that are particularly expensive because of their exotic nature. Decide how much money you can allocate for the gift plant and then choose a gift plant accordingly.


Indoor Plants for Gifts
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Kids and Pets:


If there are kids or pets around, you go with gifting plants that are non-toxic.

Check out our suggestions for safe plants here.




Top Picks for Indoor Plants as Gifts

Are you ready to explore the best plants to give as gifts? We have compiled a list of plants which go well with every occasion. Of course, you can always experiment with a plant of your own choice and customize it according to recipient’s taste.


Pothos Ivy

The green, abundant foliage of Pothos Ivy will be a safe bet if you are uncertain of what kind of plants the recipient likes the most. It has big, green heart-shaped leaves which are perfect for decoration at homes and at offices.

Pothos are low-maintenance plants so they can withstand minor neglect. Try to let the soil dry up in between watering intervals. Keep them in indirect but bright light till the special occasion arrives.



Orchids are beloved of every green thumb enthusiast because of their stunning floral appeal.  The flowers have white to purple-violet hue and they are absolutely adorable. They grow well, both in a well-drained orchid pot or in a water bowl. Besides their aesthetic appeal, orchids have the reputation of being excellent air purifiers and stress relievers. They bloom heavily by the end of winter, and the plant itself stays intact even after the bloom falls off.


Christmas Cactus

The name itself alludes to the fact that this plant blooms around midwinter and it coincides with the date of Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. Generally speaking, you can gift this plant at any time of the year and it would be equally as great as it would be on Christmas. This plant has beautiful pink-colored flowers which are absolute eye-charmers. Christmas Cactus Plants are low-maintenance and easy to grow indoors throughout the year.


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Paperwhite Narcissus

Paperwhite Narcissus can be the best choice for people who are not avid gardeners and have no intention to keep the plants around for very long. You can either gift the plant as is or go for its beautiful cut-flowers. The small and pretty-looking flowers are heavily fragrant which adds to the beauty of any space. They survive well in shallow planters with wet soil, and their bulb roots will do well under indirect sunlight. The roots can be replanted once the plant has bloomed and the recipient can enjoy another season of natural goodness.


Norfolk Island Pine

If you are looking for a gift around holiday season, you cannot go wrong with choosing Norfolk Island Pine. It can even be used as a Christmas Tree. They should be kept indoors, although the name pine suggests that they can survive outdoors. These are evergreen trees, so they will not shed their needles once the season is over. Norfolk Island Pine will need bright sunlight and its humidity and watering requirements are high, so consider a high-quality humidifier. You will have to keep the soil damp at all times as well.


Jade Plant

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Jade plant

The Jade plant is a succulent, so it can store water, sparing the gardener the need of watering the plant daily. The miniature plant has thick, fleshy leaves which give an appearance similar to a Bonsai tree. It can be grown well in a ceramic pot, and occasional pruning will be good enough to keep the plant in shape.



Red Aglaonema

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Red Aglaonema

This plant screams, “I love you.” If you are looking for a gift for your partner or fiancé, Red Aglaonema can be the perfect choice for you. This plant has beautiful red/pink stripes. It grows easily and survives for years, even under minimal care. It requires moderate lighting conditions and enjoys good moist soil.



Polka Dot Plant

Indoor Plants for Gifts
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Polka Dot Plant



The Polka Dot Plant is a beautiful and exotic-looking plant that has beautiful red-pink spots splashed on dark green leaves. This plant loves humidity so it can be kept in a bathroom or any other damp place. Polka Dot plant symbolizes care and affection, so if you want to convey these messages, a polka dot plant will do the job for you.





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