Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

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Mother’s Day is a special holiday for the mother figures in our lives and what a perfect time to make them feel special and loved. Also, it’s about gifts and surprises (lots of them!) 


What do your mothers want to receive? Does she like and enjoy decors or food? Both are fine but maybe plants(is she’s into it)? Whatever you have in mind, as long as it is from the heart, they’ll surely appreciate it. After all, it is the thought that counts really.


If you’re looking for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our gift ideas for Mother’s Day that moms will surely love.

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Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50 

Moms love to be pampered and feel relaxed even just for a single day. And they deserve that experience. We’ve picked some of the unique gifts for moms from bath box gift sets to bonsai plants.

Lemon Drop Gift, $50

See the Gifts at Lemon Drops (click here)


This shop has sweet gift sets that moms will surely love! Snag a gift set for your mom and give her the ultimate relaxation she deserves. 


Treat your mom to a relaxing experience in the comfort of your home with a tea lover’s box at $24 or the boxed scented candle at $20. Each Lemon Drop gift set also comes with a personalized gift note and options to add a sweet treat.

Bath Box Relaxing Gift, $38.00

This gift set will turn her bath into a spa! Three luxurious bath products from Second Spring Naturals in your choice of scent – calming lavender or bright citrus.

  • Whipped Soap is a sudsy spa treat for the shower or bath.
  • Body Cream starts with shea butter and is lightly whipped to create a rich, yet light cream.
  • A Bath Bomb Cupcake that features two products in one with a little sparkle to top it off.


Tea Lover’s Box, $24.00

Tea Lover’s Box is an ideal gift for tea-lover or wellness-lover moms. The box contains seasonal and special edition tea collections. 


Moms would appreciate this best tea collection nature can give. And it’s from you! Each set includes 10 infusers all beautifully packaged and presented in a box with descriptions of the teas printed on the inside:

  • Jardin Collection includes black, green, oolong and white teas all USDA Organic Certified.
  • Fleur Collection includes black, green, white and herbal teas all USDA Organic Certified.
  • Soleil Collection includes black, green white and herbal teas all USDA Organic and Kosher Certified.

Bonsai Trees Under $30

See the many Bonsai Trees at Bonsai Boy

Bonsai trees are perfect gifts for plant moms and any plant parents. They symbolize harmony, success and happiness and they say whoever receives it will also receive good luck.


At BonsaiBoy, you can find a variety of bonsai plants, tools and accessories that moms especially bonsai lovers will absolutely adore. There’s also a gift certificate for moms so they can choose any bonsai products they want from the shop. 

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Best Houseplant Gifts For Moms Under $30

There’s never too much houseplants for plant moms. Give your mom the best Mother’s Day gift that they can add to their plant collection.

Aloe Vera

Moms love aloe vera houseplant for several reasons. It’s one of the low-light loving succulents that require minimal care and attention. It has air-purifying properties that remove toxins from the air. 


The thick and fleshy leaves contain a gel-like substance that can speed up the healing of cuts and burns. It can also improve skin and prevent wrinkles. So, aloe vera is among the wonder of nature. And our moms will surely want to adopt one in her home.


Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is one of NASA’s top air-purifying plants. It removes from the air pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbons. It can thrive in low-light areas so it’s perfect for the bedroom and living room. 


Moms will love to use this as a complement to their bookshelves or bedside table. It does not take up a lot of space since its size reaches from 2 to 2.5 feet only. 



The dracaena houseplant is suitable for small spaces such as tables or desktops. It has a cluster of large, upright, and dense foliage with variegation in different colors. 


Dracaena is an effective air purifier that removes carbon, formaldehyde, benzene, and other toxins from indoor air. Further, it can thrive best in medium indirect light but can grow also in low light. 

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is very easy to grow and maintain as a houseplant. With its beautiful dark green leaves lining upwards, it can brighten up mom’s living space. 


You can appreciate more its beauty when planted in a white pot. Moreover, It needs little water, light, and attention. So it can thrive inside mom’s home even if she forgets to water it in a month. As an air purifier, it removes toluene and xylene from the air. 


Flowering Red Anthurium ('small talk') Bonsai Tree, $29.95 (on sale)


Although anthurium grows outdoor, it is one of the most suitable indoor plants. Further, its flower is the most popular and long-lasting among tropical plants. Its bloom lasts between two to three months. 


The premium red flowering anthurium has a heart-shaped flower that enlivens any space. It thrives in a warm room with bright light and plenty of humidity. 


What to gift your mom for Mother’s Day?


When it comes to gifts, there are really plenty of choices depending on the budget and what your moms are more interested in. If you’re not able to celebrate it with them, take time to call them and greet them or send them a last-minute Mother’s Day gift. It’s better late than never!


Surely, our moms will love anything we give them. So make this special day meaningful by surprising her with one of the gift ideas we recommended. Put a lovely smile on her face – at the end of the day, it’s all that matters.


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