Caring for a Poinsettia Plant

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Caring for a Poinsettia Plant

Caring for a poinsettia plant or two may be second only to your Christmas tree care.

Indeed, Christmas marches steadily closer. Our homes fill with excitement this time of year. Even with the pandemic concerns, decorating the homes adds welcome happiness to the home.

caring for a poinsettia plant
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Obtaining and caring for a poinsettia plant brings a traditional element to the holidays.

We provide you with all the tips and tricks used to caring for the poinsettia plant to welcome Christmas! No need to worry about your  Christmas decorations. Just sit back and relax! We are here to make your Christmas even more exciting. With no further delay, let’s get into it and iron out all the essential information for taking care of the house’s poinsettia plant!


Why the custom of the Poinsettia?


Life of poinsettia plant:

Before discussing the tips and tricks for caring for the poinsettia plant, you must know about the specification of the poinsettia plant, the habitat of this plant, and the plant’s requirements so that you can better take care of the plant in the snowy Decembers. The scientific name of the poinsettia plant is Euphorbia pulcherrima. It is a flowering plant that is usually available in the Christmas season to make it more flamboyant. Mostly, people love to give their homes a fabulous décor with these bright colored poinsettia plants, whose beautiful flowers add to the beauty of the season.

If we talk about the weather requirements of the poinsettia plant, you have to keep in mind that poinsettia grows in the colder days of the holiday season, but it needs proper morning sunlight and shade during the hotter part of the day.

Poinsettia is a very delicate plant, and you have to ensure that you are correctly caring for a poinsettia plant. You have to take care of the different aspects like the water, sunlight, fertilizer, and the pot according to the plant’s size. If you want your poinsettia to grow and flourish, make sure that you are taking care of your plant in a better way; otherwise, your poinsettia will fail to add beauty to your Christmas decors!

Some fun facts about poinsettia:

Poinsettia is a mood swinger in the dazzling days and the snowy nights of winters in the Christmas season. The bright color of the flowers, especially the red one, adds warmth to the surrounding. In the winter season, everyone is concerned about decorating their house to welcome a new beginning. The poinsettia plant makes your home even more elegant and fresh. We brought here some fun facts about this beautiful plant that will help you not miss it when you are shopping for your Christmas décor items. Have a look!

  • Although there is a massive list of holiday plants, the poinsettia is the most commonly used and popular holiday plant that adds to the beauty of the place where it is planted.
  • The origins of the poinsettia are southern Mexico and Central America.
  • The color range of poinsettia is really broad, including cream, lemon, peach, pink colors, and white and gold-splashed colors. All these colors make the surroundings more vibrant in the snowy weather.
  • The scientific name of the poinsettia is Euphorbia pulcherrima, which means the most beautiful Euphorbia.
  •  A US ambassador of Mexico named Dr. Joel R. Poinsett introduced the poinsettia plant to Mexico, and hence the plant was named after him.
  • The most important thing about poinsettia is that most recent research and studies proved that poinsettia is not a poisonous plant.
  • The maximum height of the poinsettia plant that is recorded yet is sixteen feet.
  • As it is the most popular holiday plant, the poinsettia is also known as Christmas flower, holiday plant, lobster flower, and Mexican flame leaf.
  • Dr. Joel R Poinsett passed away on December 12th, and this date is reserved to celebrate the national day of poinsettia in Mexico to honor the departed soul of the ambassador.


Major lighting concerns about poinsettia:

caring for a poinsettia plant
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Poinsettia is actually a sunlight plant that needs to be in sunlight to grow further, but you have to keep it in the dark areas of your house between 5 PM to 8 AM.

Remember that you have to keep repeating this dark treatment of flowers for 40 days continuously, and after that, you can keep your plant in regular sunlight.

Keep in mind that the buds of the poinsettia flowers appear in the season when the days are shorter than the 12 hours, and it happens mostly in October onwards.

How to take care of planted poinsettia plants indoors?

It is the biggest concern of all the people who want to celebrate Christmas, and we all know that Christmas is incomplete without decorating the poinsettia plant. We hear most of the people complaining about their indoor poinsettia plant, and that’s the biggest reason for us to address all such people who are tired of using different tips and tricks to save their Christmas decors but fail! The following is the list of instructions that you have to follow to ensure that you are caring for the poinsettia plant indoor. Without further delay, let’s have a look!

Ensure proper sunlight:

You have to keep one thing in mind that poinsettia needs proper sunlight, and that’s why you must keep it on the window or somewhere else where sunlight reaches directly to the plant. Keep one thing in mind that if you put poinsettia plants in the cold drafted areas, it will dry out. Although sunlight is a rare thing in the winters and winters of December, you have to place it in the proper sunlight so that it can spread its beauty to your home.

Proper watering:

The most important thing that you must not take for granted is watering the poinsettia plant. Always remember that when you see that the upper layer of the soil in the poinsettia plant pot is dry, you should water it and also make sure that water reaches the roots of the plant so that it can flourish more and stay fresh for longer.

Proper fertilization:

Another thing of significant concern is that you should adequately fertilize the plant. All-purpose fertilizer is the best option for the poinsettia plant indoor. But always remember that you have to consult a certified gardener to decide the rate of the fertilizer because if you overdose on your plant, it can also ruin the plant. So, you have to be more than careful.

Proper maintenance:

We all know that maintenance is the most important thing to keep the plants fresh and healthy for a long. If you don’t take care of the maintenance, you can never ensure caring for the poinsettia plant. You have to cut out the dried flowers and branches of the poinsettia plant so that those dried branches don’t affect the new and healthy areas of the plant. Also, you have to do the maintenance in time so that you can save your plant from drying before Christmas.

Keep changing the pot:

Keep in mind that properly caring for a poinsettia plant, provides year-round joy. And that means the pots need to be changed as the plant grows, too. Choose a container according to the size of the plant. If you keep your poinsettia plant in a pot that doesn’t fit the plant’s size, your plant will not grow properly. To make sure that your plant grows further, you have to keep it in a pot that is suitable according to the size of the plant.

Keep the pests away:

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to keep the pests away from your plant because if you don’t do it, your plant will have to suffer, and you have to keep your plant from suffering. If you see any signs of the whiteflies on the leaves of the plant, you have to immediately wash the leaves so that the whiteflies can’t affect the whole plant. You can also predict the presence of the whiteflies by the curled brown leaves of the plant. So, whenever you see it, you have to remove those leaves to keep the plant safe from the nasty effects.

These are some tips and tricks that you have to use to ensure that you are caring for a poinsettia plant. These instructions will not only take care of your plant, but your plant will flourish, and the colorful flowers will be there on the plant to welcome a new beginning!

Final thoughts:

The Poinsettia plant makes an ideal option for decorating your home in the Christmas season. Many people opt for this vibrant flowering plant to make their winters even more colorful.

We discussed all the significant concerns about poinsettia that you must know. We hope you find the information helpful.  May you now feel more comfortable by following our tips and tricks. We advise you to follow all the guidelines that we mentioned. They help ensure success when caring for a poinsettia plant. If you feel like we worked hard and our efforts need to be appreciated, don’t forget to leave a comment and share your reviews with us!

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caring for a poinsettia plant
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