Best Plants for Kids – 15 to Get Kids Growing

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Best Plants for Kids

Houseplants for Children, Family Friendly Plants
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Our best plants for kids list provides some great choices for your family. Even young children enjoy having their own plant to water and care for. Older children might find enjoyment in learning to propagate more plants to share with friends or perhaps begin a small business venture.

In fact, house plants make great gifts for all ages and kids love them, too. However, some plants just naturally seem to lend themselves to children.



Choosing the best plants for kids in your family

When considering choosing the best plants for kids in your family, you need to think of the interests of your children. Some plants feature colors and textures that kids find quite intriguing.

The age level and capability of the child also plays an important role in the choice. Some plants require minimal care. Others prove to be quite needy.

Also, families with younger children should choose plants that are safe to handle. A highly toxic plant could harm your inquisitive 3-year-old.

Of course, the placement of the plant also factors into your decision. A tabletop plant requires far less space than does that growing floor plant.


best plants for kids
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Spider Plant

Best Plants for Kids… Just Hanging Around

No table area either? Lookup a bit.

In fact, many houseplants find their comfortable home in a hanging basket.

Some, like the Spider plant, enjoy allowing the long leaves to drape over the edges of the container home. Therefore, we especially recommend the spider plant for those higher features.









Some children enjoy growing plants that produce fruit or other uses. A houseplant that thrives inside the home need not be decorative only. The child that enjoys cooking might find great enjoyment growing culinary herbs to use on his next kitchen creation.

best plants for the kitchen
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Some of these indoor grown plants also make a great start to homemade tea.

Is your family currently schooling at home? The homeschool movement is on the rise and the Covid19 pandemic brought many more children home to learn. Plants make a great learning project for families looking to add some hands-on projects into their education plans. You will find plenty of information online, including this unit study.

For other resources, you might check out on integrating a study on plants, look to your local Agriculture Extension Office. While you might think of them as a farming organization, they provide homeowners with information on gardening and houseplants, too. The Master Gardener Program offers one-on-one help, too.



1. Areca Palm:

Areca Palm is one of our choices for the best plant for kids. The care of areca palms inside isn’t troublesome, yet the plant won’t endure disregard. Indoor plants like areca palm help in absorbing harmful gases and add to the tranquility and a tasteful sense to the room. Consequently, it’s perhaps the ideal approach to decrease the impact of indoor contamination is planting indoor plants.

Water them regularly enough to keep the dirt slightly wet in spring and summer, and permit the dirt to dry somewhat between watering in fall and winter. Prepare areca palm plants with fertilizer in spring. 

This plant grows quite tall outdoors, sometimes reaching 30 feet or more. However, kept in a container indoors, it happily grows to shorter heights as a floor plant. In fact, young Areca Palm trees beautifully grace table tops.


2. Gerbera Jamesonii:

Gerbera Jamesonii might become a favorite of your child. Kids love this plant due to the huge delightful blossoms. Turn your youngster’s room more lively and vivid by making the mix of different brilliant blooming assortments.

The main requirement to keep gerbera daisy blossom inside is daylight. If there’s a window in your child’s room that gets indirect daylight, keep it there. However, they grow with indoor lighting, too.


3. ZZ Plant:

ZZ Plant, just the name intrigues kids and adults, too. This plant also has an important function in that the ZZ plant removes Toluene and Xylene from indoor air. This plant is incredibly successful in eliminating compound fumes from the air. Its beautiful cluster of blossoms joined with its high happening rate and capacity to eliminate harmful gases, make it an exceptionally esteemed occasional indoor plant.


4. Spider Plant:

Spider Plant might be a favorite of our best plants for Children, because of its interesting name. However, most people also enjoy the tiny spiderettes that hangs down from the mother plant, Spider plant can deliver interest in your kid. This plant is low upkeep, so no additional consideration. Known as one of the best air-purifying plants, the adorable spider plant is safe as it is non-toxic. Your kids may enjoy this plant for years to come!


5. Lucky Bamboo:

Lucky Bamboo made our list of best plants for kids for several reasons. This plant grows with minimal care that children can easily maintain. In fact, it can develop exclusively in water, which is certainly getting to leave kids surprised. Fill any glass jar with water and add the fortunate bamboo plants therein. Of course, the water should cover the roots. Interestingly, it’s considered one of the positive energy plants.


6. Jasmine:

Jasmine is the most famous and 6th best plant for Children because this plant beat the rundown with regards to fragrant blossoms. Exploration has indicated that encircle yourself with the fragrance of jasmine features a quieting impact. It additionally supports in fixation, improves the state of mind, and lifts memory. To develop jasmine inside, you will need a ensure that it gets, in any event, a few long periods of direct daylight.

Jasmine is a plant with medicinal benefits. The blossoms can be made into medication. Jasmine has been utilized for liver sickness, liver agony because of cirrhosis, and stomach torment because of the serious looseness of the bowels.


7. Air Plants:

Air Plant are among the most famous and best plants for kids. Air plants needn’t bother with soil to develop. They’re too simple to develop and may make your children appealing to developing plants. Find them at a spot with a great air course. Abstain from keeping them at places with cold drafts and air system vents.


8. Ponytail Palm:

The Ponytail Palm is a favorite of many children. You might know it by it’s other names, Bottle Palm or Elephant’s foot. It endures season, develops well in indirect daylight, and doesn’t experience the ill effects of serious irritation issues.

While outdoor Ponytail Palm trees often reach 20 feet in height, container-grown indoor trees rarely exceed 3-feet tall. In fact, these delightful trees make good Bonsai trees, too. As such, it makes an excellent houseplant for children’s rooms.


9. Rubber Tree:

Rubber tree, just the name makes children smile. And yet, this plant also serves a great function in removing harmful substances such as formaldehyde from the air in the home. Most homes have some of these problem substances from the materials we build with and the household products. The Rubber Tree provides air-purifying help to help create cleaner air for you to breath. However, this plant grows quite large. It’s a stunning, yet enormous houseplant, that you might find it ideal for home workplaces and living spaces, too.



Croton is an excellent plant for children. Crotons are stunning plants, there’re numerous assortments to seem over, and each one among them can improve any room due to their recognizable foliage. Kids will adore them for his or her enormous and glowing polished leaves. One thing to notice is they’re somewhat harmful and may cause non-genuine diseases after ingestion.


11.Lemon Tree:

The Lemon Tree made our list of the best plant for the children. In fact, growing a lemon during a pot is straightforward, and you’ll grow it inside within the event that you simply have a sunny window.

However, be aware that some varieties host thorns. Thus, they may be less appropriate for young children and pets.


12.Polka Dot Plant:

Polka Dot Plant, can children say the name without a smile? An appropriate houseplant to decorate your kids’ space for his or her emotional look, and many family’s top choice. They’re also called freckled face or pink sprinkle plant due to the wonderful pink, purple, white shading spots on their leaves as if the paint is splashed.


13. Bonsai Plants

These plants are popular for bringing a bit of the outside indoors and doing so with creative designs. While young children might find the training and trimming too challenging, your older children and teens might find this new hobby quite enjoyable. Many varieties of Bonsai exist. Find one that fits your household space and care capabilities. Some varieties do quite well as houseplants and may live for many decades. You can find information on Bonsai houseplants here.


14. African Violet:

Happily resting on your window sill, the African Violet doesn’t require much space. These small beauties come in many varieties with colors ranging from blue to violet, re-violet, lavender, pink, lavender-pink, blue-violet, and white. Choose the color, texture, and even size plant your child prefers.

Of course, with the more diminutive size, you might decide to set up a small group of plants of similar colors or perhaps a variety. Just remember that these plants prefer lots of indirect sunlight to bloom well but cannot tolerate extreme heat nor cold temperatures. We’ve provided a care sheet to give you more information on growing this popular houseplant.  


15. Christmas Cactus:

Christmas Cactus is one of the famous and best plants for children. A Christmas Prickly plant is also known as a Schlumbergera (Schlumbergera is a little class of desert plants with six to nine species found in the beachfront heaps of south-eastern Brazil). As a serious aspect of the prickly family, this plant is anything but difficult to affect and is not high upkeep —which means it’s one plant that’s difficult to kill. Fortunately, Christmas Cactus enjoys houseplant life. In fact, you may want to choose several for color variety.

n contrast to a few of various plants, the Christmas Prickly plant isn’t toxic and just should be watered occasionally, as needed.

The Christmas Cactus blossoms during the holiday time, thus the name. While some indoor plants may refuse to show flowers, most blossom quite freely, given reasonably good care.



Choosing from the best plants for kids

We’ve provided 15 for your consideration. Also, you might even look through our site and find other choices. Indeed, many find the cactus varieties to be a perfect choice for older children and teens. In fact, creating a mini desert scene might be your next family project! We suggest that you discuss the choices with your children. Find their favorites. And then continue to watch their new hobby grow with them!  

Great gift idea!

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