Best Indoor Floor Plants

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Transform your living spaces into lush havens with the best indoor floor plants. As Karthikeyan V aptly puts it, “A passionate look, touch, or a hug on a plant is enough to open your inner eyes than going for serious yoga and other therapies.” In the midst of dim, dry, or overly humid living conditions, these green companions bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, turning your home into a year-round sanctuary.Is your dream of becoming a plant parent hindered by the challenges of your living space? Fear not! Despite the hurdles, numerous options thrive in less-than-perfect environments, adding a breath of fresh air and modish charm to your home. Whether you’re looking to adorn your living room or bathroom, these indoor floor plants, selected for their low-maintenance nature or the worthiness of the effort they require, promise to elevate your space.


Let’s explore the top contenders for the title of the best indoor floor plants, each uniquely contributing to the ambiance of your home.


Best Indoor Floor Plants


Consider the best indoor floor plants to help bring the beauty of the green outdoors inside your home for year-round enjoyment.


“A passionate look, touch, or a hug on a plant is enough to open your inner eyes than going for serious yoga and other therapies.”   – Karthikeyan V


Is your dim, dry, or overly humid shoebox of an apartment hindering your dream of pursuing your life as a plant parent?  The biggest hurdle in having your apartment feel like a lush, tropical paradise is your apartment itself. But the good news is, while most plants need a paradise-like living arrangement with sufficient light and constant care, an array of options can survive in less-than-perfect environments. Plants are figuratively the breath of fresh air we don’t realize we need in our homes, and they look modish, too.


The best indoor floor plants add a cozy touch from your living room to the bathroom; the lush foliage and the thick leaves instantly change your place’s whole vibe. Choose a bright corner near a window; most indoor plants will sustain there for years.


You can just read on to find our roundup of the best indoor floor plants; most of them are low-maintenance, or, where they aren’t, they are worth the effort.


1. Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)


best indoor floor plants | Dragon Tree
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Dragon Tree


Popular among beginner greenthumbs, Dracaena marginata plants top our list of the best indoor floor plants. Though often used as a table plant, Dracaena marginata grows impressively into tall trees with multiple canes and several long, thin, green leaves trimmed in dark red. They make a desirable and expensive specimen plant due to their thick, twisted, and woody canes. Dracaena marginals, or Madagascar Dragon trees, are low-maintenance plants, sometimes called easy-care, durable indoor plants that suit offices and homes best. They are known for removing harmful chemicals from the air.




They prefer medium light but can thrive in low-light situations as well. However, they should not be kept in low light conditions as they impede the growth rate and reduce the size of new leaves. Please keep away from direct sunlight as it burns the leaves.




  • Do not over-water, as it will cause the plant to die. Water every 3-4 weeks.
  • Water well and wait until 50% of the soil is dry.
  • If possible, use distilled water.


2. Fishtail Palm (Caryota Genus)

best indoor floor plants | fishtail palm
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Fishtail Palm


There is no better plant than a Fishtail Palm tree for an effortless tropical island feel to any living space. The leaves of the Fishtail palm tree have jagged edges that resemble fins and fishtails, hence the name.  If you are looking for something with an exclusive profile, this plant will best suit your fancy.




  • Can survive on full to moderate sunlight and make an ideal indoor plant because of its ability to grow with only partial sun exposure.
  • Indirect sunlight exposure is best for this plant to grow in the best living conditions.
  • Take this plant outside for air, sunlight, and cleaning occasionally.




  • For those in warmer climates, don’t let the palm dry out because it will cause the leaves to shed.
  • This plant loves humidity. Pretend humidity by spraying the leaves with lukewarm water or using a humidifier daily.
  • Low humidity can impede the growth and cause the leaves to turn yellow.
  • Wet is best, but still, be careful not to overwater


3. Money Tree (Pachira Aquatic)


best indoor floor plants | money tree
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Money Tree

Apart from its uniquely twisted trunk and sprawling leaves, the Money plant is said to bring to your finances. Adding this plant to your home might rain money on you. Money or no money, it will bring you beauty for sure!


Interested in how the Money Tree got its name? We found this interesting, too!






  • It is satisfactory in low light but grows best in indirect sunlight.
  • Direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn, so it should be kept away from the window.




  • This tough plant can handle a few forgetful mishaps but not Ignorance.
  • It needs to be watered every one or two weeks, but if the topsoil seems to be dry, it’s time to water.
  • Up the water intake if your plant is getting more sunlight.
  • It requires a lot of water but not daily.


4. Rubber Tree Plant (Ficus Elastic)


best indoor floor plants | rubber tree
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Rubber Tree

The rubber plant, known for its long, glossy leaves, has been a favorite family member for centuries, adding elegance and beauty to our indoor spaces. The rubber plant is rapidly growing and can reach up to 10 feet in height in just a few years, so you’ll need to choose a suitable spot.


Less demanding than their fiddle leaf fig cousins, Rubber plants can adapt to changing light conditions. However, a bright spot with adequate sunlight is best for Rubber plants for faster growth. The rubber plant loves the perfect measure of sun and water. If you can give it the ideal measure of both, you’ll have a tall, solid, and tall rubber tree.




  • Rubber plants need indirect light that isn’t excessively hot
  • Direct sunlight can result in dehydrated leaves.
  • You can keep your rubber plant close to a window with a sheer shade to give it the perfect measure of sunlight.




  • These plants require more water during their growing season in the mid-year.
  • Keep the soil soggy; do not drown.
  • wipe the leaves down with a wet cloth for moisture and to enable your plant to ingest more sunlight.
  • Misting is another choice if you prefer not to wipe down each leaf.
  • Keep your rubber plant in well-draining soil consistently to avoid root decay.


5. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae)


best indoor floor plants | bird of paradise
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Orange bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

We cannot dare to miss adding THE QUEEN of the indoor plant world, the Bird of Paradise, to our list of the Best Indoor Floor Plants. Add a rich, tropical flair to your space with this large, upright plant as its glossy, banana-shaped leaves fan out. This tough guy can thrive in a broad spectrum of light conditions, direct to indirect, high to low, but best flourishes in a sunny spot. With the right balance of light and water, this beauty can grow as tall as seven feet; even indoors, its leaves can reach up to three feet. Take care of this plant by providing light, regular fertilizer, and moist soil; it will pay you back with its beautiful orange and blue flowers.




The Bird of Paradise can deal with light levels from direct sunlight to low indirect light. However, it thrives in a sunny spot.


  • Keep the soil moist yet not soaked throughout the spring through fall.
  • In the winter, allow two inches of soil to dry out between watering.
  • The Bird of Paradise can’t deal with ‘wet feet,’ which means its underlying roots should not sit in wet soil.
  • Keeping your Bird of Paradise on the dry side is ideal.


If you’re looking for the best indoor floor plants, contact We will be glad to help you with plant selection and plant maintenance.


Greening Your Space: Embrace Nature’s Elegance with the Best Indoor Floor Plants


Let the vibrant greenery of the best indoor floor plants continue to breathe life into your living spaces. From the low-maintenance elegance of the Dragon Tree to the tropical island vibes brought by the Fishtail Palm, and the financial charm of the Money Tree, these plants not only enhance your surroundings but also contribute to a healthier, happier home.


As you embark on your journey of plant parenthood, remember that the rubbery allure of the Rubber Tree and the regal presence of the Bird of Paradise await, ready to transform your indoor haven. Houseplant Joy is your partner in this green adventure, offering expertise on plant selection and maintenance.


For a home filled with the beauty of nature, visit, your guide to discovering and nurturing the best indoor floor plants. Let the joy of houseplants enrich your life, one leaf at a time!


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key factors to consider when choosing the best indoor floor plants for my home?


Consider factors such as light conditions, humidity levels, and the level of maintenance you are willing to commit to. Each plant has unique requirements, so matching them with your living environment ensures a successful and thriving indoor garden.


How can I ensure the longevity of my indoor floor plants?


Provide the right balance of light, water, and nutrients based on each plant’s specific needs. Regularly check the soil moisture, avoid overwatering, and periodically wipe down leaves to remove dust. Additionally, consider the seasonal adjustments required for optimal care.


Are there any additional benefits to having indoor floor plants besides aesthetic appeal?


Absolutely! Indoor floor plants contribute to improved air quality by filtering out harmful toxins. They can also enhance your mood, reduce stress, and promote a sense of well-being. Some plants, like the Money Tree, are even believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Embracing indoor greenery is a holistic way to enhance both your living space and your overall quality of life.


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