Best Houseplants For Apartments

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Best Houseplants For Apartments

Use the best houseplants for apartments and small homes to bring the outside beauty inside.

In this stressful and hectic life millennials require a light an environment to wipe the stress away, and what can more comforting than home and plants can easily transform your small apartment into a cosier and refreshing living space. Although plants can be hard to maintain, which is why you should know what exact plant suits your apartment.

Finding the right suited and best apartment Low light plants can be stressful and fun at the same time but make sure to invest a reasonable amount of time on that. Although you are very excited about the new plant, there is no need to rush. Seek every factor and characteristics of the plant’s habitat and growth and then decide what the plant, you want to get.

Filling your small apartment with beautiful houseplant can visibly make a considerable difference as plants make the apartment more open and air, leading to improving your mood every time you enter your apartment. Although a lot of people tend to think that plants require massive space For growth with it quite not accurate. There is a wide of houseplants that are easy to manage, less work, and can easily make your apartment feel like home.

Here are some apartment plant ideas for houseplants for apartments.

The Happy Bean (Peperomia Ferreyrae):

This plant is commonly referred to as “the happy bean” and is considered as a favorite plant by the millennials. This plant is easily manageable as it grows up to 10 inches only. The main factor to remember is that happy beans need a bright atmosphere but not direct sunlight. Look wide these are small and cute with tiny succulent leaves like green bean pods. Fertilizing it is also easy since it’s only required once in every three weeks.

Silver Sprinkles (Pilea glauca):

Millennials consider Silver Sprinkles among their favorite house plants. These very tiny plants host silver leaves of the size of mustard seed As they don’t grow much. You can easily put these on your side table. These are relatively low maintenance plants perfect for apartments and can settle anywhere even in decoration jar. To keep it alive all you need is six hours of light and a little moisture and one of the best apartment Low light plants.


Panda Paws (Kalanchoe tomentosa):

This plant is said to be the most common houseplant with an unusually attractive appeal to it and most of the people like these due it’s panda paws lookalike leaves. These plants are highly popular, and in a decade with almost every age group from kids to adults, they love it! Look wise the leaves have a white fuzzy coating on them and are succulent. Light is the main factor to keep this plant alive with watering at one-day intervals. They can grow tall up to 2 feet In a year, but you can keep it shorter if you live by trimming up a little.

Snake Plant (Sansiveria trifasciata hahnii):

These are said to be a fail-proof plant choice for your apartment. It’s a miracle for people who want to keep a plant but have a fear of actually killing it. This plant will survive. Why you may ask. Because most plants die because people forget watering them, but in this case, it’s good. These plants are basically up on the dry side. Dryness is a part of their nurturing pattern, which is why it is always included in apartment plant ideas. These plants also don’t have any light exposure pattern these can survive in both heavy and low lighting. You can put these on your side table or kitchen area To uplift your living space.


Zebra Plant (Haworthia fasciata):

These plants can be considered as the most popular as well as most common houseplant nowadays because these Zebra plants are small and can only grow up to 8 inches. These are also low maintenance plant can survive in low light too. The leaves of this plant look like tentacles and look like white and free zebra themed. You can forget to water it since the drying period in between watering is highly necessary as daily watering can be harmful to its survival. These can be put almost anywhere, such as kitchen spaces, bedrooms, etc.


Heart-leaf Philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum):

This plant will easily pop up if you search for apartment plant ideas because of its elegance and beauty. These plants are enchanting with its glossy coated look. These plants are cascading plants and normally seen on the edge of flowerpots or decorative jars and grow upwards with vines on your tables and shelves. These are the considered best apartment Low light plants due to its low need for light. These plant leaves visibly produce a dry layer on the leaves to basically remind the owners to water is again and after watering it come back to life in mere seconds.


The string of Bananas (Senecio radicans):

These plants are included in the most common houseplants since they are succulents by nature. The leaves are three dimensional and look like a banana. The look and the appeal of it make it fun which is why almost every age group admires plant cause have you ever seen a plant with humour. Strong bananas can look anywhere most people tend to hang these pots and on shelves. These plants don’t require much water as they are on the dry lifestyle. The vines of String of bananas grow up to 4 feet, but you can keep it short by moderate trimming as well.


These are some of the most common and famous plants that can help in elevating hour apartment and making your life feel a little bit lighter. All of the plants mentioned above highly recommended as they most of require the extra care normal plant need. Speciality for the people who want an add some natural elements to their apartments but due to last bad experiences with plants they didn’t go for it but with these highly low maintenance plants almost anyone can manage to keep these healthy and alive.


best houseplants for apartments
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