Plants That Repel Flies and Mosquitoes, 5 Kinds


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Find Plants That Repel Flies and Mosquitoes

Patio owners often want plants that repel flies and mosquitoes. Warm weather usually awakes some of the most beautiful foliage nature has to offer. Sad to say, it’s also when pesky flies and mosquitoes can make people’s lives miserable. While there are products that claim to fight off these insects, not all want to use bug sprays. After all, they may have chemicals that are harmful to health. Thus, as luck would have it, some plants that repel mosquitoes outdoors are available.
Here, we’ve researched to bring you some plants with insect deterrent properties. They are for you to enjoy sunshine and tranquility in your yard during summer or any time of the year. So keep reading to find out more about what plants can ward off flies and mosquitoes. Discover how you can include them in your home garden.
Floss Flower
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Examples Of Plants That Repel Flies and Mosquitoes

Do something about your garden flora before late spring. Also, make sure it’s equipped throughout summer and in the early fall months. These times of the year are when flies, mosquitoes and other insects often come out to pester humans. Prepare for them to avoid having diseases brought about by these pests. Thus try to have plants that keep flies and mosquitoes away.

1. Lavender

Its scientific name is Lavandula and usually grows in dry climates. This is a small perennial plant or evergreen shrub that branches plus spreads. With its flowers, it has a strong fragrance yet its smells keep some animals away too. So it may be ideal to confine them to where they could ward off certain creatures and insects. Still, with their purple flowers and green-gray leaves, they do well with other plants. This is why folks pair them with other plants such as the echinacea and roses. Thus they are the perfect plants that repel mosquitoes, flies, and such for gardens.
plants that repel flies and mosquitoes
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They often bloom during the summer time or fall and are hardy in zones 5 to 11. They need pruning from time to time when they grow but aren’t demanding when it comes to water. The soil where they thrive is dry yet they do need deep watering from time to time. Because of their essential oils, they push back unwelcome pests. So these plants that repel flies and mosquitoes are great in places near the entrance of a garden or house.

2. Lemongrass

Also called Cymbopogon, this is one of the best plants that repel mosquitoes outdoors. Folks place is it in pots or on the ground, near areas where people frequent. It’s because it also has oils that repel pest insects. According to a study, flies keep away from areas treated with lemongrass oil. Thus it makes sense to have these plants that keep flies and mosquitoes away.
lemongrass plant for mosquitoes
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It can become 2 to 3 feet high in dry yet fertile areas so it’s hardy in zones 9 to 11. The smells this foliage produces resemble the scent of lemon. Its leaves are long with grayish-green hues too. In many places, people plant it to deal with insects and also to add citrus flavor to their food. Thus, with many of them, you have plants that repel mosquitoes outdoors and help with the cooking.

3. Catmint

These are plants that repel mosquitoes naturally and only like like lavender. What makes this vegetation different is that its gray-green leaves are unique. These are floppy and bushy herbs with heart-shaped plus scalloped-edged leaves. But, yes, it does have clusters of flowers with lavender-blue colors. Also, these plants that repel flies and mosquitoes release mint-scented oils. In these ways, folks use them as decorative and functional plants in patios or gardens.
catmint for garden insect management
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Also called Nepeta, these perennial plants can grow from 1 to 2 feet high and wide. Still, some varieties develop more and can become higher and wider. Yet it’s possible to confine these herbs in containers and set them on the garden soil. They need watering until they can manage to thrive but become very independent in the long run. These vegetations tolerate intense heat and even drought. They don’t even demand soil fertilization anymore once they’ve settled. Thus these are very manageable plants that keep flies and mosquitoes away.

4. Basil

Its scientific name is Ocimum Basilicum and many even call it “great basil”. People associate its name with greatness and it does deliver a lot of things for foliage. To be specific, it is a culinary herb that so happens to be a natural insect repellant. Of the many plants that repel flies and mosquitoes, this one has a peculiar herbaceous smell too. It’s got eugenol and estragole in its essential oils that give it its unique scent. Thus having several around is worth it.
great basil as natural repellent
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These plants that repel mosquitoes naturally do not have high cold tolerance. They can sustain damage when subjected to intense low temperatures. But they grow from summer to winter and are hardy in zones 10 to 11. Take note that it is an annual plant so taking care of it means growing several to have a steady number.

5. Floss Flower

Folks call it many names but its scientific one is Ageratum Houstonianum. It’s an example of the annual plants that repel flies and mosquitoes with their natural oils. It comes with clusters of fluffy or fuzzy flowers in different hues. The dense blooms are often in white, blue, purple, lavender, and pink colors. Although they are poisonous when ingested, they are excellent ornamental plants. Thus they are decorative plants that repel mosquitoes naturally.
Its flowers are excellent for garden design but it does have coumarin in it too. It is the substance in it that often knocks out mosquitoes and is fatal to flies. Even if it is useful in that way, it’s the kind of plant that does need constant care. It is an annual flower that is hardy in zones 9 to 10 and must not become dry. It needs less but deeper water and full to partial shade to thrive. Yet, with full sun, adequate moisture, and rich soil, it is easy to grow many. Plus, it’s the kind of plant that can grow in pots too. Thus, with them, you have quality plants that repel mosquitoes outdoors and indoors.
ageratum flowers
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What makes them practical is their capacity to flourish and decorate. But in no way are they edible to both humans and animals. So be careful when taking care of them.

Plants That Repel Flies and Mosquitoes Help

The plants that keep flies and mosquitoes away have smells that insects don’t like. The essential oils from them evaporate during warm conditions and turn into vapor. Because of how they work, folks put them in gardens. Others even try to bring them indoors to keep insects off and improve home design. So it isn’t strange to see plants that repel mosquitoes, flies, and other insects in people’s houses.
Humans emit odors, heat, and carbon dioxide. These are what draw insects to us. This can be quite irritating since some like flies are meddlesome. Also, others like mosquitoes bite and cause all sorts of diseases to surface. Thus, it makes sense to have the means to get rid of them. At least, with plants that repel mosquitoes, flies, and other pests, you get practical ones. With them, you have greenery for beautification and driving away pests at the same time.

Choosing Plants That Repel Flies and Mosquitoes

To establish quality greenery, work on having the right foliage. This means picking specific flowers or herbs that could help you with the things that you need. In establishing a patio garden or having indoor decorations, you need specific plants. Choosing the right ones means making areas perfect for mental and physical health.

Helpful Tips

  • Study plants that repel mosquitoes naturally. This article has several examples of foliage for getting rid of insect pests. But there are more of them around that can aid in the same way. So try to find which ones are great for you in the matter of growing, getting rid of pests, and aesthetics.
  • Look at where you wish to set the plants. It’s not all about keeping away meddlesome creatures. There’s the matter of property design to take into account. Pick the ones that can help in creating complementary scents and colors. Still, there’s also their placement to take into consideration. If possible, put them where they could help stop nuisances from getting indoors. Also, place them where they are inaccessible to your pets.
  • After selecting the kind of plants to take care of, research how to make them thrive. This means knowing their hardiness, watering and sunlight requirements, and aesthetic suggestions. After all, when you’re prepared to have them, it would be easy to care for them.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a natural way to push back pests, try plants that repel flies and mosquitoes. Consider adding several of these to your garden. They enhance the appeal of your property and also keep away insects that carry diseases. Still, they stop your usage of pesticides that may harm your health. So, in many ways, they are worthy additions to homes.
It would be ideal to have them near entrances and exits. Also, they need to be far from pets. Even if there’s an effort in setting areas for them, they make warm weather enjoyable. Likewise, they allow for a safe garden for relaxation. Because of these, you may want to have plants that keep flies and mosquitoes away.

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