Pet-Friendly House Plants For Your Home

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pet friendly house plants
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Pet-Friendly House Plants

Yes, Pet-Friendly House Plants create a safe environment for our fur kids.

Our pets are part of our families. And so, as a good pet parent, it’s our responsibility to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. But if you dreaming of house plants, will your pets welcome them? After all, you must make the right choice of plants when you have pets in your home, too.

Although some of the plants are poisonous, many exist which are non-toxic and pet friendly. Besides improving your health and enhancing the aesthetic values of your home, plants offer a safe choice for your pets, even if they chance a nibble or two.

Read on, to know which plant is best suited for your home with no harm to your four-legged friend?


Pet-friendly house plants





Well known for their attractive look, the Boston Fern’s lush green foliage is non-toxic. Cats can bat at but don’t worry, it is non-poisonous and safe for your pet. And, Boston Ferns are natural humidifiers. They maintain the moisture content in the air and provide you with a purified environment free from formaldehyde. So make your bedroom more captivating with little hanging baskets of Boston fern. Also, remember to mist their leaves regularly.


Orchids have a gorgeous look and pet-safe qualities. They are among the most popular plants completely safe for your four-legged friend. Orchids are an easy approach to décor your rooms as they don’t demand much from you. Easy to maintain and they don’t even mind if you forget to water them occasionally.

Did you know that there are more than 20 types of orchids that make fantastic houseplants?


A harmless, pet-friendly plant, you and your cats and dogs will love it. Bird’s nest fern loves moisture and low light. Your bathroom will be the favorite corner for this plant. Imagine your morning face wash with the Bird’s Nest Fern by your sink.


Beautiful bell-shaped flowers with a velvety appearance, available in a range of colors from purple, blue, red or pink. These are usually a gift plant. However, if someone gifts it to you, don’t worry. Gloxinia is not going to harm your pet at any cost.


Also known as “zebra plant”. Plant poses large fascinating leaves. These tropical leaves will not harm your furry friends. In addition to its attractive nature, the leaves have the ability to move in the presence of light. As the sun goes down, Calathea moves its leaves upward producing a ‘rusting sound’.

Direct sunlight will bleach out its lovely colors. And it likes humidity. Moisten the soil when needed. but don’t mist the leaves directly.


This houseplant is famous for its unique addition to a wall of your home. The Staghorn Fern shows well in a hanging basket, but also grows as a potted plant. And it grows well in light or without much light in the dark areas. Maybe, it is the one you choose to make your bathroom more attractive, without any risk to your pets.

Staghorn fern doesn’t demand much water. If placed in the bathroom or other damp place, you’ll need to water it every 3 weeks.


This plant, well known for the eye-catching color, curling leaves, creates a soft appearance. And it adds an attractive look to your windowsill with its lush display. Known to be pet safe, it might become your cat’s favorite as they love the curling soft leaves.


A carnivorous plant is a funky addition in your indoor plants list. Cats usually play with Venus flytrap but with no harm, even if they nibble it. It takes nutrition by trapping flies. Place your Venus flytrap on a porch. It is a pet-friendly plant with low maintenance, asking little from you. Bright sunlight and distilled water will keep your plant in a fly-catching condition.


This pretty and stunning plant with a range of flowers is an alternative to a mini Christmas tree. Christmas cacti favor humidity than desert species. A long period of darkness endorses flowering. Blooming flowers will make you happy, and your pets are safe too.


When considering pet-friendly house plants, don/’t overlook the simple ones like herbs. Kitchen herbs like mint, basil, chamomile and basil are easy to grow and taste delicious as well. These are totally safe for your fluffy friend to snack on. Herbs grow well in your window which receives a bright sun for a long day.


An air purifier, take care of you and your pets. It cleans the air from different home toxins. We find it interesting to know that, it sprouts spider plant babies which can easily be clipped off and grown in water or soil as well. Spider plant doesn’t harm your pet, but its stems do entice your cat, better to place high up in hanging pots or metal baskets.


Money plant is excellent for smoggy cities as it filters the air from pollutants like formaldehyde. Many call it a fortune tree that will bring good luck and prosperity to your home. It is courteous to your pets as well.


A super stylish plant with a pink pattern on leaves adding on to its attractiveness. Its beauty lies in the unique nature of dropping leaves which moves upward when the sun goes down and looks like praying hands. And it is nonpoisonous for both cats and dogs. Easy to maintain and favor low light and humid conditions.


These delightful plants find use as a tabletop tree for modern styling to your home. Easy to care and it doesn’t mind if you forget to water it. The swollen trunk looks great and also serves as a water reservoir. An ornamental plant with gracefully arching leaves and doesn’t litter the dead leaves, either. Your furry babies will be completely fine with it.


An eye-catching Diamond shaped leaves can make your courtyard fountain more attractive. This floating plant with white or pink veining pattern on leaves flourishes in low light. These pet-friendly plants are harmless but don’t blame your kitty for being curious about the Diamond leaves.


We round out our list of pet-friendly house plants with Swedish ivy. Some ivy varieties are toxic but Swedish ivy a good choice for your home. It is a great hanging plant you can have with very low maintenance, though it desires direct sunlight. It is also known as Creeping Charlie.


And also,

We should mention here that family-friendly houseplants make great pet-friendly house plants, too!



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