January Birth Month Flowers, Best Gifts

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January Birth Month Flowers

For the best birthday gifts, we think you should consider the January birth month flowers, the Carnation and the Snowdrop Flowers.

The world is a give and takes the palace. Some people give and gain back in other ways or the same. Elegance, beauty, and charm are the key point for a gift. Gifting someone a flower or a bouquet may enlighten their mood and swings. Flowers are the expressional form of our feelings. Your personality may come out sober and gentle through via flowers. Co-relating a personality and a flower is such an art.

You are a smart person if you know about the birth month flowers. This will make you look like a genius and elegant person. Flowers can help you express your sincere emotions. Knowing the meaning of flowers can regard you as beauty with brains.

When considering best birthday gifts for the January birthday, consider one or even both of these gorgeous flowers.

Lets, talk about some specific month and their flower. The first month of the year January, the leader of the calendar.

Many people celebrate January births with the January birth month flowers, the carnation and the snowdrop.

January birth month flowers | carnation
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Pink Carnations

January birth month flowers | snowdrops
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White Snowdrops











The Carnation


Carnation is found around the world. These flowers are amazing and soft. It refers to a relaxing personality. Various colors in winter may seem cold, but carnation symbolizes the warm personality. They are used in decoration in Chinese Weddings and as the red carpet in Portugal.

The Carnation is the January birth month flower which refers to encouragement. As January is the first month, it is a beginner. Similarly, Carnation reflects the start of a new life. As a warm flower, it shows the chastity of your heart. Blooming in such cold circumstances, Carnation has the reference of remembrance and fascination.

January birth month flowers | carnations
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Carnation Houseplant

Carnation can be grown indoors in your house, to make your house ambiance pleasing and charming. These flowers produce such fragrances that gain attention. They are of medium height about 7cm to 8cm and 1cm in diameter so, that they won’t require much space. They need bright light to bloom so place it near windows and doors. Watering them on daily basis with the best fertilizer may help their growth.

Fertilize them on weekly basis for the best result. Spray insecticidal soap to kills insects and spider mites. Do not overspray once the insects are killed. Carnation can be found in various colors. Light red refers to admiration, dark red refers to deep love, white refers to innocence and pure love, pink refers to affection and mother’s love, Yellow refers to reflection, stripped refers to regret.

Carnations do indeed make one of the best birthday gifts. But consider the other January birth month flowers, the Snowdrops, too.



The Snowdrops


Draping around the world by its shape, the snowdrop flower refers to luck and success. Snowdrop flowers offer a down to earth drop-shaped flower. The white wonders grow well in wild areas.  This wild area flower refers to the purity and sincerity of the individual. Snowdrops swatches cover the land by its white flowers. This drooping-shaped flower refers the hope and luck.

Most people think of them as a stroke of bad luck as some of the gardeners have found them on graveyards. But truly, Snowdrops offer the assurance that spring will soon come.  These flowers rarely appear in the bouquets. But they offer a variety of uses in decorations.


Snowdrops as Indoor plants


January birth month flowers | snowdrops
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Snowdrop plants grow indoors as houseplants as well. They bloom early, welcoming Spring. It takes 14 to 16 weeks for a snowdrop to give birth to a flower. The most common rule to grow the snowdrop indoors is to keep the pot in a shady cold place. The heat will not allow the flower bulb to develop. Keep watering the plant on a consecutive basis. Once you plant them, make sure you interact with them with winter sunshine only.

Once you see the yellow sprout, then make sure to place the pot at such a place where they maintain 60 to 65-degree temperature. Add fertilizers to them. Say hello hi to the sunshine, but don’t interact too much.

Snowdrop flowers provide graceful decor as a desk flower as they don’t grow exceptionally tall. You can easily plant them in a pot and decor them on your kitchen, windows, or table desk. They say if you talk to the flowers you plant, they will bloom like your personality. Try to talk to your plants on daily basis.

According to the January birth month flower you can gift or present carnation or snowdrop for a pleasant and sense full surprise. flowers always express the best, once you know the meaning and the era of the flower. Try to make moments better and happier for your health with scented flowers by creating a great ambiance.


As January is a month of intelligence, you need to think and show your affection, while gifting someone by heart.


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