Elevate with Aerospring 27-Plant Vertical Hydroponics

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In indoor gardening, the options are plentiful, but not all are created equal. Today, we’re diving into the world of hydroponics with a focus on the Aerospring 27-plant indoor vertical garden system. This compact powerhouse promises to make indoor gardening a breeze, whether you’re a green-thumb enthusiast or just starting your journey. Let’s explore the features, pros, and cons of this innovative system to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Indoor Hydroponic Garden: Aerospring 27 Review


Nowadays, there are countless indoor vertical hydroponic garden systems on the market. All have their specialties, benefits, quirks, and problems. This comprehensive review will introduce the Aerospring 27-plant indoor vertical garden hydroponic garden system, which you can use to grow plants simultaneously.


The indoor vertical hydroponic garden features a nearly fool-proof mechanism, allowing you to grow your own food effortlessly and from the comfort of your home.


That being said, these vertical indoor gardening systems are similar to various other hydroponic units available on the market. They are simple, efficient, and easy to use. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of growing plants in an indoor vertical hydroponic garden, which will help you decide whether you are making the right purchase.

Product’s Overview: Aerospring Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Garden

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Aerospring 27-plant indoor vertical hydroponic garden system is a state-of-the-art and one of the most efficient and easy-to-use Aerospring systems for growing plants indoors. As the name suggests, it is easy to grow up to 27 plants simultaneously effortlessly while using a small space. The system will surely provide consistent, high-yielding, and high-quality results, making it one of the best hydroponic systems for growing indoors.

Moreover, this is the most usable hydroponic system option for amateurs and hydroponics experts. The unit also features a two-in-one convertible design, which helps add or remove its grow tent effortlessly. While there are plenty of systems of this brand, Aerospring indoor hydroponic system is the only system that grows indoors and delivers maximum yield.

About the Brand: Aerospring Hydroponics


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Aerospring is a relative newcomer in hydroponics gardening. This Singapore-based brand was founded by Thorben Linneberg and Nadine Keller six years ago due to high vegetable price inflation in Singapore.


However, in just a short time, the brand has become incredibly popular, delivering worldwide, including in the US and Canada. This system aims to grow several plants simultaneously in a tiny place all year round with strict quality assurance.


Furthermore, the best thing about Aerospring gardening is its overall design, quality components, and simplicity. Aerospring indoor vertical hydroponic garden is designed with practicality, letting you grow enough veggies, herbs, and fruits without denting your monthly grocery budget.


Below, we will also look at this unit’s features, pros, cons, and whether it is a good investment for indoor growing. But let’s discuss the Aerospring vertical hydroponic garden system first.

About the Product: Aerospring 27-Plant Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Garden
















Aerospring 27-plant vertical hydroponics indoor growing system is a vertical indoor gardening system and is considered the ultimate solution for indoor growing. The unit is incredibly efficient, compact, and easy to use. It is to help gardening enthusiasts grow different plants simultaneously indoors with no fuss. In addition, the unit comes with natural plant-based water that you don’t have to treat or filter.


Moreover, these indoor vertical hydroponic garden systems feature LED lights that are more cost-effective and highly efficient than traditional lighting systems. Plus, an aerospring indoor vertical hydroponic garden system is self-contained, and you can use it in any room you desire.


Aerospring 27-plant vertical hydroponics indoor growing system provides a simple but effective way to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Furthermore, the unit is made of durable and premium quality components, helping it produce excellent crops with no side effects.


Product Specs and Dimensions


Brand Aerospring
Colors Black & Gray
Dimensions (LxWxH) 33.46 x 29.13 x 73.62
Weight 70 lbs
Operational weight 247 lbs
Capacity 75 liters
Overall Rating 4.6
Price $1,200


27-Plant Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Garden Summary


Ease of Use ★★★★★
Indoor Growing ★★★★★
Outdoor Growing ★★★★☆
2-in-1 system ★★★★☆
Eco-Friendliness ★★★★★
Built Quality Premium
Customer Support and Community ★★★★★
For Beginners ★★★★☆
Flavor ★★★★★
Value for Money ★★★★☆
Wifi-Timer ★★★★☆
Overall Amazon Rating 4.8

How Does Aerospring 27-Plant Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Garden System Work?


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The system features hydroponics (aeroponics) for growing plants indoors. Hydroponic gardening is a method gardening enthusiasts use to distribute nutrient-rich water evenly across plant roots. Due to this, you don’t need soil.


There are also various subcategories under the hydroponics system, such as aquaponics, aeroponics, wick systems, and ebb and flow.


Additionally, aerospring gardens rely on aeroponics, where you have to expose your plant root system to aeration and nutrient-rich water through misting. Growing plants hydroponically offers various benefits, including promoting greater growth for plants faster, increasing yields, and using less space and water.


Aerospring Aeroponics


For an aerospring indoor vertical hydroponic garden, water starts at the bottom of the system in the reservoir and is then pumped upward through an aquarium pump. Once the water hits the top, it starts raining down on the plant root zone with a mister.


Moreover, the pump turns on and off evenly for a few minutes throughout the day. This ensures your plant roots get adequate water and nutrients in an aerated space.


The overall design of the aerospring 27-plant vertical hydroponics indoor growing system is hexagon-shaped, allowing you to grow three plants on each module. These modular vertical pole stack up on each other, enabling you to grow up to 27 plants simultaneously. Moreover, you will have an indoor vertical hydroponic garden using only a few square feet of space.

Aerospring 27-Plant Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Garden Kit

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One of the reasons why I like this top-quality vertical indoor gardening system is that the unit is pretty simple to set up. If you buy a unit without a grow tent, it will take you only a few minutes to complete your indoor garden setup.


Here’s what’s come with your 27-plant vertical hydroponics indoor growing system:


· Garden Tower


The unit comes armed with a garden tower made of a compliant plastic material. Components of the garden tower feature hexbody modules, a shower lid with a cover, piping, and a water pump.


· Water Tank


The model has a water reservoir to help you add water and nutrients. The tank connects with an aquarium pump and a hose to send water upwards.


· Hose


Aerospring 27-plant indoor growing system kit includes a food-grade, one-meter-long green water hose. Easily detachable internal hose has both male and female quick-connect fittings. It helps you supply water from the bottom to the top of your hydroponic system.


· Grow Tent


The indoor hydroponic system comes with a grow tent. The honeycomb shape is an excellent addition to the kit for protection and lights. Moreover, it also helps you grow your herbs and veggies on your urban farm all year round.


· Wi-Fi Timers


Your Aerospring 27-plant indoor vertical hydroponics indoor growing system kit includes a couple of Wi-Fi timers. While one of these timers is for the water pump, the other operates LED grow lights, enabling you to adjust and set your water pump and lights to turn on appropriately throughout the day.


· Grow Kit and Rockwool Cubes


You will also have a DIY-style seed-starter kit with the system. It can serve as a nursery, allowing your seeds to germinate before getting into the aeroponic system. However, please remember that seeds aren’t included in the kit, and you must bring your own instead. Depending on the seeds you want, you must wait up to 21 days for germination.


· Liquid Nutrient Mix


Your Aerospring 27-plant indoor vertical garden hydroponics will also have liquid nutrients. Since you will grow plants without soil, the liquid will help you extract nutrients from the water. These liquid nutrients will break into the reservoir, keeping your plants healthy and thriving throughout the growing process. (Note: Scroll down to see our recommendation for Organic Fertilizer choices)


· Screws, Wingnut Screws, and Washer


While purchasing your indoor vertical garden hydroponics system, ensure the kit has all the screws and wingnut screws. You will use these to connect modules to the base. It is a straightforward process and doesn’t take much time.

Product Pros and Cons





While the 27-plant vertical hydroponics indoor growing system is beautiful, easy to use, and makes indoor growing hassle-free, there are still a few chances for improvement. Below, I have listed all the pros and cons of the system so you can decide whether you are making a suitable investment.

· Easy to Assemble


While there are plenty of vertical indoor gardening systems on the market, most usable hydroponic system have a complex setup process. However, a few of them, like the Aerospring 27-plant vertical hydroponics indoor growing system, are incredibly easy to set up and use. In addition, the indoor and outdoor models take half an hour or less to complete the setup process.


Moreover, these models also come with detailed instructions, making the job easier. Compared to an outdoor system, the indoor system might take more time to assemble the grow tent. In summary, this can take an hour or so, but using specific instructions can help you along the way.


· Easy to Use


The unit is designed to provide high productivity and ease of use, focusing on high functionality. This vertical indoor gardening system benefits from aeroponic technology, allowing more air and oxygen to the root system, which helps promote more significant growth.


Moreover, this system will create a beautiful indoor garden using a small space of 34″ inches wide and about 74″ tall, including a wheelbase, tent, bucket, and tower. Furthermore, the system is perfect for both beginners and experienced hydroponic growers.


· 2-in-1 Convertible System


Aerospring 27-plant vertical hydroponics indoor growing system tent delivers faster growth when zipped. Striking a hexagonal design and featuring six professional grow lights, it exposes your plants to increased light, which helps produce greater yields.


In addition, with its indoor kit, you can grow your indoor plants all year round. It also features a 20′ outdoor-rated pump cord, and removing the indoor kit will let you grow outdoors during warmer temperatures.


· Grow Smart, Eat Healthily


Aeroponics and hydroponic systems need a fraction of land and water compared to traditional gardening. This indoor vertical hydroponic garden system will give you a sustainable own food source with fresh, healthy growth that outperforms most ground-based gardens.


Featuring a 20-gallon water reservoir, it needs less frequent refilling while allowing better stability and nutrient management.


· Environmentally Compliant


The unit is made of the highest quality components. It features the Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 pump, foldable tri-band LEDs, full-spectrum lights, and an Oxford D600 tent with incredibly reflective white interior panels. The system is manufactured in Singapore, adhering to strict  quality assurance and environmental standards.


· Larger Yields


The unit deliver maximum yield of 27 plant, so you can enjoy growing up to 27 plants simultaneously. It means your indoor vertical garden hydroponics system is as good as the other most extensive personal hydroponics systems. With a small vertical garden like this, you can produce fresh herbs, veggies, and fruits to limit your grocery budget.


· Year-Round Growing


Another good thing about the Aerospring 27-plant indoor vertical hydroponic garden system is that it allows you to grow throughout the year. Additionally, there is no concept of bad weather, as you will be able to keep your plants warm and cozy.


· Great for Big Plants


Another plus factor of this model is its distinctive shape, which helps your plants to get an adequate amount of light. Moreover, the Aerospring vertical indoor gardening system is also a wise option for growing larger plants, such as eggplants and tomatoes. Except for root trees and vegetables, the system allows you to grow just about anything you desire.


· Excellent Customer Support


The brand has outstanding customer support and is continuously praised by customers. If you find faulty equipment or face an issue with your unit, you can approach their customer service and expect a comprehensive reply within a day or two.


In addition, Aerospring also has a helpful Facebook group where users can pair up with other growers, sharing new strategies and troubleshooting problems.

· Initial Cost


While this indoor vertical hydroponic garden system is excellent for growing indoor plants, the unit is one of the more expensive hydroponic systems on the market. However, since the lights are incredibly efficient and the yields are considerably larger than most systems, you can recover the cost within a couple of years or less of growing veggies, herbs, and greens.


· Wi-Fi Timer Problems


While the issues with Wi-Fi timers are minor, there have been a few reports that the timers act up now and again. Again, because of the excellent customer support of Aerospring, they fixed the issue by updating the app or sending new timers.


· Large Size


Since the

Is the Aerospring Gardening Organic?


Since the system lets you grow plants hydroponically, it uses water instead of soil. Indeed, you certainly can keep this system fully organic, depending on the nutrients you use. The nutrients supplied by Aerospring contain refined minerals, which help avoid producing any residue.


Moreover, it also means that the greens or herbs you grow are more nutritious and tastier than those you purchase from a grocery shop. In addition, the system also ensures that your produce is pesticide-free.


We’ve Identified Two Standout Products for Our System


Fox Farm Liquid Nutrients


Fox Farm makes several products. We like the “Grow Big” to grow the greens initially. For plants that should flower or produce buds, including flowers, fruit, and vegetables, switch to Big Bloom at the first sign of flowering or budding. Continue using Big Bloom throughout the season. We have used Tiger Bloom with good results, too, but we like that Big Bloom has a little extra with the earthworm castings, bat guano, and Norwegian kelp.


Microbe Life Nourish-L


Microbe Life Hydroponics nourish-L is a supplement to the Fox Farm Nutrients. While not necessary, it does provide a little boost when our plants are stressed, such as during extreme heat.


If you are also using Big Bloom, you may not need the Microbe Life (though it won’t hurt), but Tiger Bloom does offer that extra microorganism boost that Tiger Bloom might miss.


Make Your Hydroponic Garden Nutrients?


Absolutely! It is entirely possible! We use a dual chamber compost tumbler for our home composting. Properly managed, you can create a good compost tea for your usable hydroponics system. We use the tea as a foliar spray, which can also be added to the water system to feed the plant’s roots. The compost can be added to any plant soil or spread in your yard.

Customer Support and Warranty


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When you get an Aerospring 27, it’s good to know that help is there if you need it. I contacted their customer support once and got a quick, friendly answer to my question about how to mix the plant food. It’s nice not to feel left alone if something comes up.


There’s also a one-year warranty on the Aerospring 27. This is pretty standard and means if something needs to be corrected because it was made wrong, you’re covered. Just be careful how you use it, because the warranty won’t cover problems from misusing it.


Overall, it’s been easy dealing with Aerospring. Fast help and an explicit warranty add up to a smooth experience. It’s good to know they’ve got your back.

Is the Aerospring 27-Plant Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Garden Worth It?


Undoubtedly, the system is among the best and most efficient indoor growing systems available. While it features a slightly higher cost, you could easily justify it with the large yields within a couple of years or less.


Growing your veggies, herbs, and fruits is an environmentally-conscious way to eat healthily, and Aerospring gardening lets you achieve that goal. However, remember that not all aeroponic systems are designed equally, but the Aerospring 27-plant vertical indoor gardening system is the real deal.


The system is also designed ingeniously and takes as little space as possible. Moreover, the unit is also made to be incredibly easy to maintain. You can operate Wi-Fi timers, lights, and pumps through its app to keep your garden growing when you are out of town.


In addition, the Aerospring indoor vertical garden hydroponics functions as a 2-in-1, allowing you to grow larger plants indoors and outdoors by removing or adding its accessory kit. The system is efficient, easy to assemble, mobile, and highly productive. Overall, the Aerospring vertical indoor gardening system is the most versatile gardening system you can use indoors and outdoors to grow several plants all year round.


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Considering an Indoor Hydroponic Garden?


We highly recommend the Aerospring 27 for homeowners with little room to spare, indoors or out.  This unit is for hobbyists and experienced gardeners. Check out Aerospring Garden today. You will soon be heading to tastier, more nutritious, home-grown food.


However, if space is an issue, consider also the Click and Grow or Aerogarden units. You can take a look at our comparison of these two brands here.

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Aerospring 27: Your Path to Year-Round Greenery





As we wrap up our exploration of the Aerospring 27-plant indoor vertical hydroponic garden, one thing is crystal clear – this is a game-changer for indoor gardening. Its simplicity, efficiency, and eco-friendly approach make it a top contender in the hydroponics arena. Whether you’re dreaming of homegrown herbs, plump tomatoes, or vibrant flowers, this system offers a year-round solution right at your fingertips.


But the adventure doesn’t end here. It’s time to get your hands dirty – or not, thanks to soil-free hydroponics! With the Aerospring 27, you can journey to tastier, more nutritious, home-grown food. So, why wait? The green revolution starts now! Get your Aerospring 27 and experience the joy of nurturing your hydroponic garden, no matter how much indoor space you have. Happy growing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Grow Fruiting Plants in My Aerospring Indoor Hydroponic System?

Yes, you absolutely can. The Aerospring 27 plant vertical garden is excellent for various plants, including fruiting ones. Just make sure they have the proper support as they grow bigger.

How Often Do I Need to Refill the Water in My Aerospring Garden?

One of the perks of this system is less frequent refilling. Depending on the growth stage of your plants and the indoor climate, you might only need to top it off every week or two.

Is the Aerospring System Versatile Enough to Grow Herbs and Larger Plants?

Yes, the Aerospring indoor hydroponic garden is one of the most versatile gardening systems. It’s also perfect for growing everything from fresh herbs to larger plants like tomatoes.

Can the Aerospring 27 Be Used Year-Round, Even in Colder Months?

Yes, the Aerospring garden is designed for year-round indoor use. With its grow lights and controlled environment, you can also harvest plants regardless of the season.

Does the Aerospring Hydroponic System Take up Much Space?

Not at all. The vertical design of the Aerospring makes it highly efficient for small spaces. You only need about a square meter to set it up. So it’s perfect for urban farmers or anyone looking to grow their food in their home.

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