Houseplants for Home, Plants for Health

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Houseplants for Home, Plants for Health

7 Ways House Plants Bring Joy to Your Home

House plants for health Houseplants purify air
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House plants for health? Do houseplants purify air?

At one time, most people considered keeping a houseplant a bit of an aberration. Most of us believed that all plants belonged in the garden, where they were nurtured in the sunlight amidst the natural environment.

But that’s not the case anymore. In fact, it’s safe to say that plants are the newest in-thing regarding décor. And with excellent reasons. Not only is having a plant in your home or apartment the simplest way to bring nature inside, but it also has tremendous health benefits and great visual appeal.

Decorating with plants

Many people find that houseplants add a personal touch to their homes. Plants and the planters they live within become a form of art. A sleek, modern look works for some, while others prefer a more rustic, traditional look. Colors and textures figure into the décor, as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a penthouse, duplex, bungalow, or a high-rise apartment in the busiest part of town. There are so many convincing reasons to keep plants in your home. Read on to find our top 7.

1. Houseplants Purify Air

House plants are among the most effective natural air purifiers. Owing to the use of things like paints and cigarettes, the air in our homes often contains toxic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde. Houseplants purify air as they remove these harmful substances. House plants for health? Yes, by filtering the air, they allow us to breathe in a cleaner environment within the four walls of your home. Similar to the fresh air we breathe outdoors, the air in our homes is refreshed.

Moreover, plants raise the level of humidity in the air by releasing moisture vapors. This can protect you from contracting dry cough, sore throat, and other respiratory issues. Chrysanthemum, aloe vera, peace lily, and bamboo palm are some plant types that make the finest air purifiers.

2. House Plants Relieve Stress

House plants for health
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The fast pace of modern life has also increased the amount of pressure that most of us are under. Whether it’s because of things at work, relationship problems, differences with friends/family, or something else, there is an abundance of anxiety and stress in the lives of most individuals.

And 2020 brought us the pandemic. More stress as people adjust to quarantine, social distancing, closed stores and restaurants. Increasing our stress even more, was the fear of loved ones contacting the coronavirus.

Many people manage stress with a walk in the park or a day at the beach. Others enjoy a backyard living space filled with greenery. Nature, plants and trees all help defuse stress in our lives. Houseplants offer an at-home substitute for that walk in nature. And caring for our houseplants simulates gardening, indoors.

Interestingly, many experts have recommended keeping potted plants around as a way to reduce stress and fatigue. Studies have found that having plants near the workspace can help lower the blood pressure and heart rate which leads to increased productivity. You can also avoid various respiratory problems if you’ve got a few plants inside your home and office.

House plants for health? As our houseplants purify air in our homes, they also relieve the stress that clouds our minds.

3. A Source of High-Quality Organic Produce

While people who have some garden or yard space in their homes often use it for vegetation purposes, this doesn’t mean that apartment dwellers have to miss out on anything. Growing produce indoors is now fairly common. There is also a growing trend of establishing window and rooftop gardens among those who live in penthouses and high-rise condos.

Aside from saving a lot of money by adopting indoor vegetation, you can also be sure that all the produce is fresh, organic, and 100% pesticide-free. Carrots, lemons, avocados, and tomatoes are a few items that grow really well behind closed doors.

4. You’ll Sleep Better With a Few Plants Around

House plants for health Houseplants purify air
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House plants for health includes your sleeping air. Our houseplants purify air in our bedroom, too.

Keeping a plant or two in any part of the house is good. But having one in your bedroom can also increase the quality of your sleep. Indoor plants such as lavender, jasmine, gardenia, and aloe vera are known to create a gentle soothing sensation for the mind and body. This leads to lower heart rate, reduced anxiety level, and better regulation of blood pressure which can help you sleep like a baby.

5. House Plants Give the Place a Nice and Cheery Vibe

Indoor plants can make your home a very welcoming place for everyone. They are also easy to manage because, unlike garden plants, the shrubs inside require little watering and hardly any trimming or fertilizing. Moreover, you can set them up in fancy pots and containers in different areas of the home to give it a cool, fresh, and natural ambiance.

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6. Indoor Plants Enable Protection from Cough and Cold

House plants for health Houseplants purify air
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Because plants have the ability to clean up and humidify the air within a home, they help keep you safe from any viruses that may lead to a cough or cold. Some of them, like the spider plant, are also very good at eliminating allergens from the atmosphere.

On the other hand, having a eucalyptus in the home or office is a great way to remove any congestion from your system. Many horticultural researchers over the years have come to the conclusion that indoor plants are a tried and tested approach when it comes to reducing the onset of fatigue, headache, cold, sore throat, flu, etc.

7. Plants are Linked to Enhanced Wellbeing

Without a doubt, a house with a few plants inside feels a lot more welcoming and refreshing than one without. Other than their obvious health benefits and visual aesthetics, most people consider plants to have a strong spiritual connection with humans. Many of us have utilized plants during some of our most significant life events such as weddings, birthday parties, dinner dates, etc.

Studies also suggest that patients in hospitals have a better chance of recovery if there are some plants in and around the facility or even if their room provides a garden view. The very presence of any form of nature is often enough to lift what can otherwise be quite a depressing mood. As a result, patients feel slightly better and more optimistic about beating their ailment.


Tips for Keeping and Maintaining House Plants


For the most part, the maintenance of house plants can be a pleasant job. You just need to be aware of their specific sunlight and water needs for your plant. For example, succulents need little water but require a fair bit of sunlight to stay fresh and healthy. On the other hand, jasmine or gardenia may need relatively more water.

You don’t have to be an expert horticulturist or gardener to take care of your indoor plants. A little understanding of it’s needs will ensure your plant provides you with continued health benefits for years to come.

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