Grandma’s African Violets Remembered With Love

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Grandma’s African Violets

Grandmother grew Grandma's african violets
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Of the many plants she grew, my Grandma’s African Violets drew my interest the most. It might be the colors. Grandma and I shared a love of purple. Or maybe it was the simple but cute little pots in which they dwelled.

But I tend to believe the fact that Grandma and I would care for the plants together whenever I visited might be an important factor in my love for them. I loved Grandma. We cared for her African Violets together. Therefore, my love for these dear little plants increased each time I visited.

Grandma’s African Violets loved the south-facing windows of her living room. In summer, the elegant maple trees provide some filtering from the brightest sunshine. In winter, the maple leaves dropped to the ground, giving way to a brighter sunlight to keep the plants healthy and happy. She occasionally moved one or two to her kitchen window for a bit of color addition. But my grandmother grew plants in each room and chose the best placement for each, according to their needs.

Grandmother grew, Grandma's african violets
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Like all plants, Grandma’s African Violets needed watering and occasionally repotting. When the time drew near for maintenance, Grandma always let me help. I’m not sure I was as much help as I was company. We chatted continually while performing the necessary process. Some of our talk was about the plants that Grandmother grew–she had many types both indoor and in her summer garden. But some was just about life, our hopes and dreams, future plans, even our pet dogs. Grandma and I liked to talk with each other.



Grandmother grew memories

While Grandma’s African Violets might well be the catalyst for our conversations and thereby memories, the time spent together was much more than watering the plants. In fact, while I remember her coaching me on the proper care and encouraging me to try a few plants of my own, my fondest memories reveal much more than that.


Grandma’s African Violets’ Colors

Grandma's African Violets
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My grandmother grew many types and colors of plants in her home and outside. However, her violets were primarily white, pink, blue, and our favorite, purple. As a child, I assumed that those were the colors the plants came in. When I began researching as an adult, I discovered the multitudes of varieties of these little gems. Grandma might not have had many colors, but she surely knew proper care. In everything I read, I found Grandma’s advice was on target. I wish she were here today to share her wisdom, but am thankful for all she shared for so many years.


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While my Mom was well known for her roses, lilacs, and many other landscape blooms, many knew my Grandma’s African Violets as one of her favorites. These little beauties are simple to grow and take little space. Maybe you should try building memories just as my grandmother grew memories with her plants!


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