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bonsai pots
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A bonsai plant is usually grown in a pot. The word bonsai means planted in the container. Amongst all the kinds of bonsai pots that were created, it would be hard for you to choose a bonsai pot suit for your tree. Choosing a low-class pot may be less effective for growing bonsai trees. But a well-chosen bonsai pot is a great investment. With its better design and features, your bonsai could grow healthy. 

Finding the right pot for you is difficult, but it saves you money.  Even keeps you from having a bunch of pots that don’t work for any of your plants. This article will assist you in selecting a bonsai pot that is suitable for your bonsai tree.  


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What Type Of Pot Is Best For Bonsai Tree? 

types of bonsai pots
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A bonsai tree can be grown in a pot made from various containers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the tree needs drainage holes and wire holes to stay stable in the pot. They are usually made of ceramic, concrete, polymers, and even some metals. Besides that, it is also possible to make it by hand. 

A traditional bonsai pot is usually made of ceramic or porcelain and is stoneware-burned. So it means that it doesn’t absorb or hold water for long. Allowing the pot to be flexible for both indoor and outdoor bonsai. Growing your bonsai trees in ceramic is much more recommended than in other pots. Plastic, metal, and terracotta pots are not good for bonsai plants. A big reason for this is that soil in a ceramic pot holds on to water better and dries out more slowly. 



What To Consider When Choosing Bonsai Pot? 

The two most important things to consider when choosing a pot for a bonsai tree are how big it is and how it looks. Is the container big enough for my tree and its root system, given the conditions where I live? And how does it look now that I’ve chosen a tree to add?

It’s not easy to pick the right bonsai tree pot for a certain kind of tree. There are so many pot colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from that it’s hard to know which ones will look best on your tree. Even the bonsai pot design.

Bonsai pots are also a matter of taste, so your final choices are affected by how you feel about them. Depending on what they like, collectors might look for pots with unusual shapes, textures, and glazes.


Size of bonsai pot 

sizes of bonsai pots
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Pot size for your bonsai tree is an important thing to consider. To keep your bonsai tree healthy, you will need to put it in a big pot to let its roots spread out. The water and food in the soil shouldn’t bother the ends of the roots that are most important. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to grow your bonsai in a bigger pot. These include the tree’s age. And the type of tree it is, how much its roots are crowded, and what you want the tree to look like when it grows up.

When you move your plant to a new pot, you don’t have to make the pot bigger. If you use a bigger pot, your tree won’t need watering for much longer. Having a lot of heat and lack of moisture in the air, it makes sense to use a pot that is a little bigger than what you would use.


Style of bonsai pots 

Pot styles
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Think about how big the pot is, but not as much as how your bonsai will look in it. But you should know that the traditional bonsai pots are small and have a big tree in the front. Who are you will reflect on your bonsai pot design and  your bonsai pots. The size and shape of a bonsai pot should be right for the climate where the tree will grow best. The word “Bonsai” means “tray planting,” so you should know how it will grow where you plan to plant it.

Most tall trees look great. Especially when they are in low-profile containers. Use a big bonsai pot if you want to put a tree off-center in a small landscape scene and still have room for other things. 

Thinking of forest plantings? Well, you can achieve it by planting the bonsai trees in groups.



Other factors for choosing a bonsai pot

It might be hard to find the right bonsai pot for a certain kind of tree. There are so many different shapes. So are the sizes, and colors of pots that it might be hard to find the right one for your bonsai tree. If you think about the above things, you will be able to choose the best bonsai pots for your trees.


Pot shape

pot shapes
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You should choose a bonsai pot for the tree that goes well with it. Because bonsai trees are so complicated.  It is important to look at them carefully. So better consider their bonsai shape, and figure out what makes them special. Think about the tree’s traits to figure out what gender it is. There are a lot of trees that have both, but usually one is more noticeable than the other. It is a very contentious subject. Some people might see a tree as a man, while others might see it as a woman. 

Since you own the tree, it’s up to you to decide what to do. A tree with a more masculine personality will never look or feel right in an oval pot.  And the same goes for a tree with a more feminine personality. 


Pot Rim

Most of the time, square or angular bonsai pots with clean lines and thick feet are more masculine. A lip on the rim of the pot shows that it is masculine, while a rhyme inside the pot shows that it is feminine. A feminine pot is usually low and elegant, with curvy or rounded lines and fine feet. But having curvy or rounded lines are often a sign of a feminine pot. Most people agree that pots with round or drum-like shapes are the best. But find out more about this here.


Pot Corners

The shape of the tree, with its sharp corners and straight angles, is like that of a male tree. Because of the rounded pot’s edges. Usually, it looks like an oval, a shape that works better for male deciduous trees. This makes the pot look more girly as a whole.

Pots with Masculine Characteristics

  • Square or rectangular shapes with sharp corners
  • Feet with a pronounced design are usually used to support it.
  • The carvings are also more complex.
  • When surrounded by an inner edge, the pot’s rim is clearly visible.
  • Greater in height, or at least appears to be greater in height
  • Full of massive, angular rocks or other interesting objects

Pots with Feminine Characteristics

  • Simple and lacking decorations
  • spherical or oval in shape, with rounded corners
  • Having a narrow lip or having concave corners that curve outwards
  • Reduced height and increased horizontality



Pot color

color of bonsai pots
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Once you’ve decided on the shape of the pot, you should think about the pot color and textures. People often choose pots based on what color they are. But no two trees are the same. And no matter how much you know about plants, you can always learn something new about each one. In most pots, there are only a few choices of color and texture.

Because of the bonsai pot design, the colors of the tree and the pot could work well together to make a nice contrast. By using a dark-colored pot, you can draw attention to white or lighter-colored flowers. If the flowers on your bonsai are different colors, you must choose a pot that matches the colors of the flowers.

The bonsai tree’s color can also show how healthy it is. People tend to feel safe and welcome when they see browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. Blues and greens have a calming effect that makes a tree look stable and alive.

Having a tree that changes colors with the seasons, you might want to buy a container that can handle all the changes. After that, you need to choose a color that goes well with the bark.


Pot Texture

When making your choice, also think about how the bonsai pot feels. Pot texture plays a crucial role in choosing the best bonsai pots. So, you can match the bark, branches, and leaves of a tree to the textures in a container. Heavy-textured pots make a tree look more masculine and wild. While smooth-textured pots are better for more feminine trees. A tree is place in a pot with different textures to go with it. But instead of smooth clay pots, you should use pots with a lot of texture to show how wild and manly a tree is. 



Pot Design

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The design of the container for your tree should state whether it is a male or female tree. The closer you get to finishing your bonsai, the more you’ll enjoy the end result. Most people think of tall, pointy, clean-looking pots with wide feet as masculine. Bonsai  pot looks more feminine when it has a rhyme on the outside, and more masculine when it has a blip on the bottom. A feminine pot usually has rounded corners, soft curves, small, delicate feet, and a slim, attractive look. Drum pots and round pots both have what is called “ambiguous forms.” 


Where To Buy Bonsai Pots?

Once you know that your tree is ready, you can choose a pot for it from the many options that are now available. Contacting a potter will let you place an order with specific specifications. Visit the nearest bonsai nursery and any fairs or festivals that are all about the art of bonsai. At these events, potters often set up shops to sell their work. There are also a lot of bonsai pots for sale on the internet, including on Amazon and eBay. Take a picture of the tree and ensure you have all its dimensions written down. 

People trade pots on many online auction sites and social media groups. If you have done this before and know what to look for in pot, you could use these chances. Is it out of the question for you to create your own vessel? Some videos on YouTube show how to make a pot from various materials. 




As you’ve seen in the previous paragraphs, picking the right bonsai pots can be hard. But you can learn this skill with time and practice. When personal preferences, technical knowledge, and technical experience are known early on, the job becomes easier. Make sure you know how big the pots for your bonsai should be before you go shopping for them. It would be a waste of money to buy a bonsai pot that fits the tree you want to plant in it only to find out it is too big or too small. It’s important to know what shape will go best with the male or female qualities of your tree.


Important things to think about when making a bonsai are the style, colors, and patterns that go with the tree you’ve chosen. Do not be afraid to ask for help from the bonsai nursery or potter from whom you are buying. A bonsai nursery or potter with a lot of experience will always have a lot of good pots for you to choose from. Try to keep a picture of your tree with you at all times. This will make the nursery or potter’s job much easier and speed up the process.

Have a good idea of what colors and textures would look good on your tree. Do not worry about seeking advice from the bonsai nursery or potter from whom you are purchasing; an experienced potter or bonsai nursery will always be able to provide you with a selection of appropriate pots. Always aim to have an image of your tree on hand, making the nursery or potter job a lot easier!


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choosing a bonsai pot
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