Celebrate National Floral Design Day

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Celebrate National Floral Design Day

Floral design and flower art have an extensive appeal for many years. Besides, the combinations of color, animals, and creativity seem endless, whether it’s making small crafts from your best blooms in the backyard or a dazzling display in a botanical garden or float parade.

Throughout the ages, floral design has been a basic form of art. Back to the days of ancient Egyptian sacrifices to their gods, it can trace its paths. This art form has developed into today’s contemporary floral design idea, as patterns and trends have changed over thousands of years.

Such floral designs are displays in any event, including marriage or birthday parties. They showcase beautiful collections of elegant blossoms and lavish social events. Moreover, these lovely designs boost our mood and lift our spirits.

What is national floral design day?

National Floral Design Day celebrates the craft and tradition of floral design on February 28th. Floral design has been a significant cultural form of art for thousands of years. This flower day is the day we’re celebrating the type of art. It may be in a bouquet, painting, a garden, or a floral arrangement in textiles.

History of national floral design day

Carl Rittner, the founder of the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston over 60 years ago, created Floral Design Day as a unique way to celebrate a special birthday. Mr. Rittner is a pioneer of education in floral art. The people at Rittners thought that the concept of a holiday celebrating floral design as an art form was a brilliant one whose time had come.

Who are florists?

Floral designers, usually referred to as florists, frequently work behind the scenes, adding the natural touch of elegance that so often serves as the essential backdrop for occasions. Floral design has beautified our lives as a multi-billion-dollar industry, enriched our activities, and brightened our days.

It seems fitting that these talented individuals should be remembered and have their day of honor observed. Moreover, they have many years of being the unsung heroes of countless memorable moments or special events.



Ways to celebrate national floral design day


Show your creativity

Show your floral design abilities and imagination to your family members and friends on National Floral Design Day. You can do this by designing a fantastic floral design with flowers or drawing or painting floral arrangements. Take screenshots of your creativity, post them on social media, and use the hashtag #FloralDesignDay to share your feelings about the day with others.

Join Bloom Project

One non-profit in Oregon has adopted the spirit of the year-round Floral Design Day. The Bloom Project, a volunteer group, gathers vases and flowers from stores, funeral homes, marriage sites, and other locations or activities.

Moreover, they repurpose the flowers into fresh floral arrangements delivered by nursing home staff or visitors to hospice palliative care patients. The Bloom Project volunteers pick the freshest flowers for their arrangements that would otherwise be dumped into a landfill or composted.

Not near Oregon? Not a problem! Consider starting your own volunteer project. Use their basic ideas or develop your own.

Visit Floral shops

In general, shops will have a vast retail display area with a wide selection of flowers for customers to browse. Floral designers can maintain this front office space or even a street sideshow of their products, depending on the geographic area and season. Depending on the shop’s size, they often retain one or two coolers, where flowers can keep to prolong their useful life.

Compare the patterns and the materials used for floral designs. How are they comparable? How do they differ? Check some online websites for flower shops. Moreover, compare the patterns and the materials used for floral arrangements.


Florists competition

On national floral design, day, arrange a competition for florists. Arrange competition among flower designers all over the world. Whether it’s for national or international honor, or simply because competing, meeting, and encouraging each other is enjoyable.

Not only are these floral design championships the perfect end for most accomplished floral artists, but also for the emerging talents to demonstrate their tricks in particular. To get all the latest news from floral design competitions worldwide, make it a social media trend.


Trip to museum

Another important thing you can do on national floral design day is to visit the museum. A museum is a place of recreation having several antique things. So if you are unfamiliar with floral designing or want to know about it, make a museum trip.

Several museums around the globe showcase the talent of florists around the world. Museums keep their talent alive and show the world how vital florists are to us. You can also take a trip of school kids to such a museum showing case floral craftworks. Moreover, such a journey makes this day very special for kids.


Plant different kinds of flowers

People are encouraged on national floral design day to plant all sorts of flowers. In your backyard, you could plant flowers and enjoy the blooming plants. Visiting your local community garden is a beautiful idea if you do not have a yard or have too many flowers already planted.

Not only will you have the chance to plant flowers, but you will also be able to chat and learn a few gardening tips along the way from seasoned gardeners. Moreover, growing different kinds of flowers on a floral day will also highlight the importance of flowers in our life.


Take your local florist to lunch

One of the best ways to appreciate your local florists on this national floral design day is to take them to lunch or dinner. Because florists work very hard to lighten our lives with their floral designs and crafts, we should give them the importance and have an excellent lunchtime spent with them will surely be a great deal.


To Summarize How to Celebrate National Floral Design Day

While not as well-known as other holidays, National Floral Design Day provides a way to celebrate the profession and all they contribute to our lives. Many people consider it vital to highlight the significance of this day. Consider how you might celebrate National Floral Design Day to make it a most memorable day.


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