Best Houseplants for Mom on Mother’s Day – A Lasting Gift


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Best HousePlants to Gift to Your Mom on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day 2020 is just around the corner. Maybe you have yet to choose the perfect gift. Consider one of these best houseplants for Mom on Mother’s Day. Plants are a lasting gift that shows Mom or Grandma your caring love each day of the year.

Under normal circumstances, you probably would have been busy planning a special day for the woman who has been there for you since the time you opened your eyes. Your mind would likely have been occupied by things like taking her to her favorite restaurant, spending the day together, getting her a nice little gift, etc.

However, as we all know, these aren’t exactly normal times. The world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic which is described as an “invisible enemy.” And unless you’ve already been hunkering down at your Mom’s place during this period of social isolation, spending the day with her might not be possible. <Read about health benefits for Mom>


<A New Look At Mother’s Day>



A Mother’s Day gift to cherish throughout the year

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While a family gathering to honor Mom might be out of the question, getting your mother an awesome gift to show her how much you love her is still very much appreciated. You can be creative and different on this Mother’s Day, unlike any other in recent memory.

Many people choose cut flowers for gifts. These can be ordered and received on the same day, making it an easy, though not inexpensive, choice. But flower bouquets rarely last over 5-10 days. When their beauty fades and they dry to crispness, they are tossed into the garbage, forever gone.

Instead of buying a short term gift of cut flowers, consider getting her a unique plant that appeals to her aesthetic sense. Some of the best houseplants for Mom are truly a lasting gift.. The potted plant becomes a living reminder of the bond of love you share with her.


Mother’s Day Memories


But what are the best plants to gift to Mom on Mother’s Day? With so many choices, confusion might take hold. To help you, we’ve rounded up some gorgeous picks of the best Mother’s Day plants that she will surely adore. Consider these a good starting point when considering which might be the best houseplant for your mom on Mother’s Day.



Lucky Bamboo

The first thing to consider when getting a plant gift for your Mom is that it should be easy to grow and elegant. In this regard, the lucky bamboo will be perfect. Other than being easy to maintain, it is known as a plant of prosperity, health, and fortune. Don’t we all wish these things for our sweet mothers? So, consider getting your favorite woman a lucky bamboo to add a refreshing feel to her home.



We have all given our Moms those traditional floral bouquets. Yes, they are wonderful and a depiction of how much we care for them. But, it’s good to shake things up every now and then. So, think out of the box this time around.

How about considering something that will make an impact when most corners and window ledges at your mother’s place already feature something of the green variety? The gardenia is what you need and it can be the perfect potted plant gift. It is easy to maintain, grows well in humid conditions (about 60%), and needs bright but indirect light most of the time.


Peace Lily

If your mother is more of the artsy type, then the peace lily will certainly appeal to her aesthetics. It is low maintenance and can even tolerate a bit of over-watering if you happen to accidentally do so. On top of that, the leaves are glossy and green with the plant going on to produce some spectacular white blooms.


Orchid Phalaenopsis

Orchids are a sign of both respect and admiration. Isn’t that what you want to demonstrate to your dear mother on this special day? Hence, the orchid phalaenopsis. Also called “moon orchid” and “moth orchid,” this low maintenance garden beauty will be perfect if your mother is a busy woman.

All she has to do is maintain adequate moisture and place it in bright but indirect sunlight. After that, she can sit back and enjoy the blooms for a number of months. Pick a fancy pot with it to add some extra fizz to the décor of the place, and your Mom will surely feel the love.


Sweet Succulent Heart Garden

Your Mom sure did a great job at nurturing you for the best part of two decades. However, that doesn’t mean her skills with regard to taking care of a house plant would be the same. She may not have a green thumb.

In such a scenario, it is best to get her a low-maintenance collection of succulents that she only has to water a couple of times a week. Enter the “sweet, succulent garden.” This assorted variety of plants and flowers can be crafted in a variety of shapes. You might even choose a heart-shaped planter that will further show your love for your mother.


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