Best Hanging Self-Watering Pot: My Top Picks

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Are you a passionate plant enthusiast who revels in the lush greenery of both indoor and outdoor plants? You adore the beauty they bring, like my beloved ferns and vining plants draping from pots high above on the wall or ceiling. But perhaps not the daily chore of watering and upkeep, especially when it involves taking each one to the bathroom or outdoors. Watering them where they hang is not ideal, as the water often drips onto the floor below or lands on furniture or my desk. If that sounds familiar, you’re in good company. Many fellow plant lovers understand the struggle, especially when tending to hanging plants, which can be challenging without creating a watery mess.


In this article, we’re here to present a practical solution: the realm of hanging self-watering pots. These innovative planters blend style with functionality, ensuring your plants receive the care they deserve while lightening your maintenance load. My dedicated research has led me to review some of the finest hanging self-watering pots available, enabling you to elevate your plant care routine. With these remarkable pots, you can relish flourishing, healthy greenery without constant watering and monitoring.


Join us as we delve into our top picks, explore their standout features, and discover what sets them apart. Suppose you’re a seasoned plant connoisseur or embarking on indoor and outdoor gardening. In that case, this article is designed to help you find the ideal hanging self-watering pot, enhancing your plant care experience.

Best Hanging Self-Watering Pot: Top Picks for Efficient Plant Care


Hanging self-watering pots offer a stylish and efficient way to display and maintain your plants. These pots capitalize on self-watering, providing convenience for plant owners and catering to a plant’s specific needs. Self-watering pots ensure proper hydration, allowing plants to flourish and thrive without constant maintenance.


Investing in a hanging self-watering pot makes an excellent choice for individuals who appreciate aesthetics, functionality, and the health of their plants. These pots combine unique designs and innovative watering systems to enhance plant growth. As a result, plant enthusiasts enjoy their greenery without the hassle of daily watering and monitoring.


Hanging Self-Watering Pot
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Safety and Convenience


While most of us love our hanging plants, the battle over watering makes them less enjoyable to keep. No matter where they hang, we worry about water dripping when we water them. Or, if we move them outside or to the bathroom to water, it takes time and some care to move each plant. Thus, I love the hanging self-watering pot for my houseplants.


When purchasing a hanging self-watering pot, it’s crucial to consider factors like the product’s size, material, and overall design. Size is vital as it must accommodate a plant’s growth and the available space in your home. Material choices can also impact the pot’s longevity, efficiency, and appearance. Finally, the design will play a part in how seamlessly it can blend with your decor and how effectively it can self-water your plants.


I spent numerous hours studying and evaluating hanging self-watering pots to identify the best options on the market. My recommendations are based on their ease of use, durability, and effectiveness in keeping your plants healthy and vibrant.

Best Hanging Self-Watering Pots


I compiled this list of the best hanging self-watering pots to enhance indoor and outdoor gardening experience. You can explore my top picks to find the perfect plant and decor option.

Melphoe 2 Pack Self-Watering Hanging Planters


Melphoe 2 Pack Self-Watering Hanging Planters
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I highly recommend the Melphoe Self-Watering Hanging Planters for their convenient self-watering feature and elegant design.

  • Self-watering system providing continuous moisture
  • Visible water level for easy monitoring
  • Double-layered design with drainage holes
  • Planter material may appear less premium
  • Water may become dirty over time
  • Not available in many color options

When I tried the Melphoe Self-Watering Hanging Planters, I found the cotton rope-wicking system handy, especially during our vacations. My plants remained well-hydrated for over two weeks, which was a pleasant discovery. The planter’s visible water level indicator also helped us to keep track of water refills and avoid overwatering.


The double-layered design, featuring drainage holes and a wicking rope, ensures that the plants receive adequate airflow and that excess water is drained to the bottom of the outer pot. This creative design helped maintain a healthy environment for my plants.


Dirt Appears


However, the clear planter showed dirt and debris over time. This affects the planter’s overall appearance. A more opaque option might better conceal this buildup. Although the design was stylish, the material felt more plastic than premium. I prefer to see more color options to match individual home décor better.


Overall, the Melphoe Self-Watering Hanging Planters delivered on their promise of making plant care easier while still maintaining an attractive appearance. These planters are perfect for adding charm to your indoor or outdoor space, but remember that the material and available colors may only suit some people’s preferences.

Koalaime Hanging Planter Self Watering 10 Inch

Koalaime Hanging Planter
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The Koalaime Hanging Planter is a top che for those seeking a functional and stylish self-watering pot for their indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Detachable saucer for self-watering system
  • Ventilation and watering hole design
  • Includes two kinds of plant hangers, metal and bohemian-style
  • May be smaller than expected
  • Sold in packs of two, not individually
  • Some customers reported missing parts

The Koalaime Hanging Planter impressed me with its versatile design and self-watering system. The planter has a detachable saucer that prevents overwatering, ensuring plant roots remain healthy. We also appreciate the ventilation and watering hole feature, promoting proper aeration and simplifying the watering process.


The planter has two plant hangers: a metal hook and a bohemian-style macrame. This offers an excellent value as I could choose a hanger according to my preference. It also adds a unique touch to our plant display.


However, it’s important to note that the planter might be smaller than expected. As a 10-inch pot, it’s appropriate for plants like succulents, ferns, or herbs but may not be suitable for larger plants. The planters are also only sold in packs of two, which may be inconvenient if you only need one. Lastly, some customers reported missing parts, such as the rope or accessories.


Overall, the Koalaime Hanging Planter Self Watering 10 Inch is a functional and stylish option for anyone looking to incorporate hanging plants into their decor. Its self-watering system and choice of hangers make it stand out from other options on the market. Please just be sure to double-check the size and include parts when you get it.

mossFlos 10 Inch Hanging Planters

mossFlos Hanging Planters
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The mossFlos 10 Inch Hanging Planters are a great addition to any indoor or outdoor space due to their self-watering feature and stylish design.

  • Self-watering feature saves time and effort
  • Stylish, modern design works well with various plants
  • Strong stainless steel chain for durability
  • Limited color options
  • May not be suitable for larger plants
  • Bottom tray may not fit securely for all users

Upon using these hanging planters, we were immediately impressed with the self-watering feature. The two-tier design allows excess water to be stored, providing automatic watering for the plants for up to 7-14 days. This is especially helpful for those busy days or when we go on vacations.


In addition, we found the modern, minimalist style of the planters to be visually appealing, and they’re made of high-quality material that is breathable, lightweight, and easy to clean. The matte finish adds an elegant touch to our space, and these planters are perfect for various plants, such as orchids, cacti, and succulents.


The stainless steel triangle chain used in these hanging planters is strong, durable, and rust-resistant, even in damp conditions. While we did appreciate the stability provided by the triangular design, we noticed some limitations. The available color options are limited, and the planters might not be suitable for larger plants due to their size. It is also worth noting that some users may find the bottom tray not fitting securely, which might cause issues with the self-watering feature.


Overall, if you’re looking for a self-watering hanging planter with a stylish design and durable construction, the mossFlos 10 Inch Hanging Planters are a great choice. Please just be careful about the size and tray fitting when deciding.

Bouqlife Hanging Self-Watering Planters

Bouqlife Hanging Planters
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These Bouqlife hanging self-watering planters are a great addition to any home, offering convenience and style at an affordable price.

  • Self-watering design for easy plant care
  • Stylish and tassel-free macrame hangers
  • Eco-friendly, durable, and handmade
  • Pots may be smaller than expected
  • Limited size options
  • Assembly is required

We recently tried the Bouqlife Hanging Self-Watering Planters and found them an excellent solution for indoor plants, especially for those who often forget to water them. The self-watering design ensures that plants receive the necessary amount of water even while we’re away, which gives us peace of mind.


The planters come with three stylish macrame hangers, each varying in size. We like that the hangers are tassel-free, which helps us save space and keep our pets from damaging the plants. The hangers are hand-braided with 100% cotton rope, demonstrating eco-friendliness and durability.


However, some may find the pots smaller than expected. The planters come in three sizes, but it is simple enough they might not accommodate larger plants. Also, while assembly is simple enough, be prepared to spend some time setting everything up.


Overall, the Bouqlife Hanging Self-Watering Planters are a convenient, stylish, and friendly option for caring for indoor plants. Their minimalist boho design considers the pot sizes and assembly time, which you think will undoubtedly enhance any home’s aesthetics. Remember the pot sizes and assembly time when considering this product.

Dekosilave Hanging Self-Watering Planters

Dekosilave Hanging Planters
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These Dekosilave Hanging Self-Watering Planters are a reliable and stylish choice for indoor and outdoor plant enthusiasts.

  • Innovative self-watering design
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Versatile minimalist design
  • Chains may be too long for some spaces
  • Plastic material might not suit everyone’s taste
  • Only available in white and brown

We recently used the Dekosilave Hanging Self-Watering Planters and were impressed with their innovative design and quality. These planters solve the issue of over or under-watering, thanks to their self-watering reservoir at the bottom and the cotton rope, keeping the moisture suitable for your plants.


The materials used in these hanging planters are of high quality. The planters are made of durable plastic, while the included rust-proof chains provide stability for the hanging pots. They are available in three sizes – 8″x8″x7″, 7.5″x7.5″x6.5″, and 7″x7″x6″. The planters are resistant to extreme temperatures, meaning they won’t crack or peel easily, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


One aspect we love about these hanging planters is their minimalist design. The simple, sleek look of the planters allows them to blend effortlessly with various interior and exterior styles. Moreover, the vertical hanging design saves space and can be matched with multiple plant types, such as ivy, herbs, spider plants, and more.


Overall, we found the Dekosilave Hanging Self-Watering Planters a convenient and stylish solution for maintaining healthy plants without constant attention. However, some users may find the chains too long for their desired location or prefer a more natural material, such as ceramic or wood. If these factors are not a concern, these planters would make an excellent choice for any plant enthusiast.

SCANDINORDICA Disco Ball Planter

SCANDINORDICA Disco Ball Planter
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This hanging disco ball planter is aesthetically pleasing and practical, making it an ideal choice for plant enthusiasts.

  • Beautiful, eye-catching design
  • Package includes multiple hanging options and an acrylic stand
  • Handmade glass mirror decor adds a unique touch
  • Limited growing space in the insert pot
  • May not be suitable for larger plants
  • Reflective surface may require additional cleaning

We recently tried the SCANDINORDICA Disco Ball Planter and loved its unique design. The classic silver finish and reflective surface create a dazzling effect when sunlight hits it, enhancing any space in which it is displayed. This planter is an excellent gift option for plant lovers, as it arrives in attractive packaging, adding a touch of elegance to any special occasion.


One of this product’s most notable aspects is its value. It comes with two hanging options – a sturdy chain and a macrame hanger – and a beautiful acrylic stand for placing the planter on a table. Plus, it features a self-watering insert, making plant care easy and hassle-free.


The hand-applied glass mirror pieces on the solid plastic disco ball planter pot contribute to its exquisite appeal, making it a striking addition to any home decor. However, the inside planter portion provides limited space, so it is best suited for succulents, cacti, kitchen herbs, or other smaller plants. Lastly, although visually stunning, the reflective surface may require extra cleaning to maintain its appearance.


In conclusion, the SCANDINORDICA Disco Ball Planter is a fantastic choice for those seeking a stylish hanging planter. Its beautiful design and included accessories make it an excellent purchase, as long as you consider its limited inner pot space and cleaning requirements.

T4U 10 Inch Hanging Self-watering Planters


T4U Hanging Planters
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We recommend these T4U Hanging Planters for their durability, versatility, and modern design, perfect for enhancing indoor or outdoor plant life.

  • Minimalist and modern design
  • Self-watering and water leakage prevention
  • Easy to install and remove chain system

The T4U 10 Inch Hanging Self-watering Planters offer a sleek and durable option for displaying your favorite flowers or indoor plants. We love the clean white appearance, which complements various decor styles and adds a touch of elegance to any space, be it a living room or a garden porch.


One of the most notable features of these planters is their self-watering system, which includes a plate for recycling water and a drainage hole plug that can be removed to prevent overwatering. This makes maintenance a breeze and keeps your surfaces safe from water damage.


The chain system on these hanging planters is sturdy, easy to install, and built to withstand up to 6 kg of weight. We could move our plants around effortlessly, though we did find it necessary to purchase a longer chain to accommodate higher hanging spots.


We found the T4U Hanging Planters an ideal gift for gardening enthusiasts and a beautiful addition to any home. However, one issue to keep in mind is the pot’s depth, as it might not be suitable for plants that require more room to grow. These planters are great for a mix of style and practicality, providing a versatile, sturdy, and efficient way to showcase your favorite plant life.

SwinDuck 10 Inch Self Watering Hanging Pots

SwinDuck 10inch Hanging Planters
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The SwinDuck Hanging Planters are great for beautifying their space with minimal maintenance.
  • Large 40oz water reservoir for up to 14 days of self-watering
  • Excellent drainage system to prevent root rot
  • Adjustable, high-strength nylon rope for easy height adjustments
  • Watering spout design is slightly awkward
  • Soil capacity may require up to 1.4 gallons for larger plants
  • Limited to a solid color and round shape

I recently tried the SwinDuck 10 Inch Self Watering Hanging Pots for our indoor plants. I am impressed. The 40oz water reservoir ensures that my plants receive just the right amount of water, even when I need to be away for a few weeks. This feature is a game-changer for anyone with a busy schedule or who loves to travel.


The drainage system in these hanging planters is designed to keep our plants healthy and thriving. The raised base and multiple drainage holes prevent root rot by maintaining optimal soil moisture and air circulation. This system primarily benefits our ferns, pothos, ivy, and spider plants.


One thing we truly appreciate about these hanging pots is their adjustable nylon rope. The flexible design lets us play with the positioning of our plants without any hassles. Despite being lightweight, the nylon rope is quite sturdy, efficiently handling plants weighing up to 20 pounds.


However, there are a few minor drawbacks. The watering spout has an unusual shape, angling upward, making it slightly difficult to fill the reservoir. Those looking to repot larger plants may need up to 1.4 gallons of soil, which could be inconvenient for some users. Finally, the SwinDuck Hanging Planters come in a solid color and round shape, limiting customization options.


Overall, the SwinDuck 10 Inch Self Watering Hanging Pots are excellent for anyone wanting to spruce up their space with minimal maintenance. Although some design tweaks could be made to improve practicality, the large water reservoir, efficient drainage system, and adjustable rope make these planters a worthy addition to any home or office.

GARDIFE Hanging Self-Watering Pot

GARDIFE Hanging Pot
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A modern and practical option for plant lovers seeking a stylish, self-watering hanging pot for their indoor plants.

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Multiple drainage holes and watering lip
  • Long-lasting self-watering feature
  • Limited color options
  • Needs careful installation
  • May not fit all plant sizes

We recently tried these GARDIFE hanging self-watering pots and found them an excellent addition to our indoor plant collection. The clean matte finish and modern aesthetic easily blended in with our home decor, creating a visually appealing setup.


Having different sizes of pots allowed us to get creative with our plant choices, adding variety and interest to our indoor garden. We appreciated that the pots had multiple drainage holes, ensuring proper air circulation for our plants’ roots and reducing root rot. The built-in watering lip made it easy to monitor the water levels without disturbing the plants themselves.


One downside we noticed was the limited color options for the pots and hanging planters. This might be a drawback for those with specific color schemes or preferences. Also, installing the planters took some time and caution, as we had to ensure the ropes were adjusted correctly and the plants hung securely. Additionally, we found that some larger plants might need to fit comfortably in the available pot sizes.


Overall, we recommend the GARDIFE Hanging Self-Watering Pot for those seeking a stylish, low-maintenance solution for their indoor plants. It adds a modern touch to any space while caring for a thriving indoor garden.

Mkono 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers with Pots

Mkono 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers with Pots
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These stylish Mkono hanging planters are a great addition to any indoor space, with minor drawbacks.

  • Ready to hang with included pots
  • Unique, vintage-inspired design
  • Easy installation
  • White plastic pots have a matte finish, may not suit all tastes
  • Hooks may be too short for some wall installations
  • Limited color selection for pots and macrame

These Mkono plant hangers are crafted from quality cotton cords and durable plastic pots, offering a modern yet vintage-inspired look that will improve any living space. We found the installation easy, making it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, the package comes with any accessory, including three hooks and perforated inserts for self-watering.


The macrame plant holders and pots have a stylish design, but the matte finish of the white plastic pots might not suit everyone’s preferences. However, the pots are made of high-quality materials and sturdy enough to securely hold your plants. The hangers come in three different sizes, catering to your home’s varying plant sizes and spatial requirements.


One problem we encountered was that the included hooks might need longer for some wall installations. This issue can be quickly resolved by purchasing longer hooks if desired. Additionally, we would have appreciated a broader color selection for the pots and macrame to accommodate different decorating styles.


Overall, the Mkono macrame plant hangers with pots are a stylish and functional solution for displaying your plants indoors. With just a few minor drawbacks that can be quickly addressed, these plant hangers are a worthwhile investment for any plant lover.

Vanslogreen 8 Inch Hanging Planters

Vanslogreen Hanging Planter
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These Vanslogreen hanging planters offer a stylish and practical solution for indoor and outdoor plants, with self-watering capabilities and a modern design.

  • Unique style design for versatile plant compatibility
  • Efficient drainage system to avoid over-watering
  • Removable trays for easy self-watering maintenance
  • Trays may be challenging to remove initially
  • Maybe more significant than expected for some users
  • Some users may overlook assembly instructions

We recently hung these Vanslogreen 8 Inch Hanging Planters in our home and were impressed with their sleek appearance and structural design. Beneficial.


One of our favorite features is the integrated drainage system. The multiple drainage holes prevent over-watering, and the cotton rope ensures that the soil remains moist for healthy root growth. Additionally, the removable trays make self-watering a breeze. The tray stores excess water, which lasts for 7-14 days. This feature is particularly helpful when we’re away on trips and can’t tend to our plants daily.


The Vanslogreen planters are durable and supported by a super load-bearing triangulated chain with rust-resistant components. Despite some initial challenges with the removable trays and assembly, the overall performance of these planters was good. We appreciate modern design and functionality, especially self-watering, which keeps our plants healthy and looking great.



So, if you’re searching for a hanging planter that combines style and efficient self-watering capabilities, we recommend trying the Vanslogreen 8 Inch Hanging Planters. They add a touch of greenery to any indoor or outdoor living space.

Dexceder 11.2 Inch Self Watering Hanging Planters (2 Pack, White)

Dexceder Hanging Planters
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These Dexceder self-watering hanging planters are perfect for those seeking low-maintenance, durable, and stylish planters for their indoor or outdoor space.

  • Unique self-watering system for optimal plant growth
  • Stripe-style design symbolizes harmony between man and nature
  • Roomy interior for a variety of plants
  • Heavier than traditional planters
  • May require a strong ceiling hanging point
  • Limited color options (only white available)

We recently used the Dexceder self-watering hanging planters and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The planters look stylish and complement our indoor and outdoor decor, but they also provide a unique sub-irrigation system that keeps our plants well-nourished and hydrated. This feature has been beneficial during our busy weeks when we forget to water our plants, as it can last over three weeks without additional watering.


The stripe-style design of the planters not only adds a touch of elegance to our decor but also provides ample air circulation for our plants, ensuring their healthy growth. We also love how these planters offer a spacious interior for planting, yet their innovative inner mat design saves room and allows us to fit more plants in our limited space.


However, the planters are heavier than some traditional hanging planters, requiring a solid ceiling hanging point to support them. Also, the color options are limited, with only white currently available. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Dexceder self-watering hanging planters are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their living space with low-maintenance, functional, and stylish planters.


Hanging Self-Watering Pot
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Buying Guide


There are several factors to consider when looking for the best hanging self-watering pot. This buying guide will discuss essential features and tips to help you make an informed decision.


Pot Size


First and foremost, consider the size of the pot. The size should be appropriate for the plant you plan to grow. Ensure enough room for the plant’s roots to grow and expand. Additionally, larger pots will require less frequent watering.


Pot Material


Next, take a look at the material of the pot. Common materials include plastic, ceramic, and metal. Plastic pots are lightweight and often more affordable, but ceramic or metal options may be less durable than they are. Ceramic pots can be more attractive but are typically heavier and may break if dropped. Metal pots can be more durable and provide a modern look, but they may be prone to rusting.


Type of System


The self-watering system is another crucial aspect to consider. Various systems, such as wick systems, water reservoirs, and double-layered pots, are available. Please ensure the system is designed to provide consistent moisture to your plants and is easy to fill and maintain.




Remember the drainage of the pot. Proper drainage ensures that your plants receive adequate water without getting waterlogged. Please look for a pot with drainage holes or a drainage layer. This will prevent root rot and keep your plants healthy.


How Does It Connect


Lastly, please look over the hanging mechanism of the pot. It should be sturdy and easy to set up. This may include hooks, chains, or ropes with adjustable lengths. Ensure that the mechanism can support the weight of the pot, plant, and water.


Considering these factors, you can confidently select the best hanging self-watering pot for your needs and enjoy beautiful, low-maintenance plants.


Hanging Self-Watering Pot
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Elevate Your Plant Care with a Hanging Self-Watering Pot


In the world of plant lovers, where the love for vibrant indoor and outdoor greenery meets the dread of daily watering, a Hanging Self-Watering Pot emerges as the key to unlocking effortless plant care. These innovative planters combine style and function, liberating you from the constant need to water and monitor your plants.


You can finally enjoy your favorite hanging plants without worrying about water dripping onto your floors or furniture. These pots do the heavy lifting for you, providing consistent moisture and fostering a healthy environment for your plants. As you embark on your indoor and outdoor gardening adventure, choose the perfect Hanging Self-Watering Pot that aligns with your style and plant preferences.


Ready to explore more tips and tricks for perfect plant care? Visit our HousePlantJoy site for in-depth articles, expert advice, and a vibrant community of fellow plant enthusiasts. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily watering and welcome a new era of lush, thriving greenery in your living space. Unlock the secret to effortless plant care with a Hanging Self-Watering Pot and transform your surroundings into a paradise of green delight. Take advantage of this – start your journey to vibrant, healthy plants today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these pots maintain proper moisture levels?

Self-watering hanging pots are designed with a built-in reservoir at the bottom of the pot. This reservoir holds water that is slowly absorbed by the plant’s roots through a wicking system, ensuring a consistent supply of moisture to the plant. We can adjust the size of the reservoir or add more water to it as needed, depending on the particular plant’s requirements.

What materials are commonly used in self-watering hanging pots?

Various materials are used in the construction of self-watering hanging pots. The most common materials include plastic, ceramic, and metal. Plastic pots are lightweight, durable, and the easiest to maintain, while ceramic pots provide a more attractive, heavier option, and metal pots offer a combination of aesthetics and durability. It’s essential to pick a material that suits your needs and preferences.

How often do the plants in self-watering pots need attention?

The frequency at which plants in self-watering pots need attention depends on plant species, pot size, and reservoir capacity. Generally, plants in self-watering pots require less frequent attention compared to traditional pots because the reservoir stores a larger quantity of water. Typically, you would need to check and refill the reservoir every 1-2 weeks instead of watering the plants daily or every few days.

Are self-watering hanging pots suitable for all types of plants?

Self-watering hanging pots work best for plants that prefer consistent moisture levels, such as herbs, houseplants, and many flowering plants. However, they may not be ideal for plants that require specific watering conditions, like succulents and cacti, which thrive in well-draining soil and don’t tolerate constantly damp environments. We recommend carefully researching the watering needs of your specific plants before choosing self-watering hanging pots.

Can self-watering pots be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, self-watering hanging pots can be used both indoors and outdoors. For indoor use, they provide a convenient solution to ensure your plants receive adequate moisture without constantly monitoring and watering them. For outdoor use, self-watering hanging pots can withstand varying weather conditions and help maintain proper moisture levels for your plants during hot, dry periods. Just make sure to choose a potting material that suits your environment and consider any necessary adaptations, such as extra drainage holes for heavy rainfall areas.

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